COPMOBA Board of Directors

Scott Winans, President (Grand Valley Canyons Chapter)

Scott is an immigrant from south of the border with requisite blond hair and a ponytail. His many facets of income and interests led him to the Grand Valley a number of years ago after receiving a degree in aeronautical engineering and working as a rocket scientist….not that a lot of local riders weren’t already talking about how many “rocket scientists” COPMOBA had on the board. Scott’s engineering prowess nowadays is used to develop products for MRP, which are designed for the dual purpose of allowing mountain bikers to both ride and enrich their ER doctors faster. Scott is co-owner of Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade and currently serves as President of COPMOBA and is an inspiration to all that he drinks with. For fun, Scott can be found humiliating those of normal riding skill on several of our local technical trails.

Chris Muhr, Vice President (Grand Valley Canyons Chapter)

Well, what can we say about Chris. We’ll skip his lengthy arrest record in preference for highlighting his commitment to nearly every worthy cause in the Grand Valley and beyond and years of donating his time and efforts to them. Known to prefer beer to ... well, most anything, and for his thoughtful and cheerful spearheading of task after task. Deadly over short distances. And he is just damn funny. He'll tell you, his better 3/4 is Jen, and she's a bit of a de facto COPMOBA voice in the wilderness on occasional issues. She keeps Chris in nice pants, too. When not riding, Chris is busy running his business, All Metals Welding. 

Clark Rieves, Treasurer (Grand Valley Canyons Chapter)

Clark is a Grand Valley Canyons Chapter member serving as treasurer and our go-to-man for financial organization. He is a man of leisure—sailing and raising daughters—and known to paint his house on occasion. Clark's quiet demeanor belies the insight and enthusiasm the he brings to the organization. Known to say "yah, I can do that" a lot. Clark rolls about occasionally on a bike with only one gear - what's up with that?

Rod Fitzhugh, Secretary (Ridgway Area Trails Chapter)

Rod's a sleeper; listens first and hits with thoughts that matter when it's needed. His history with many things bike includes stomping out hundred milers at altitude, backcountry adventures, touring de "Bloom" countless times, and bringing the Ridgway crew the insights and understanding about how their local slice of paradise could and would benefit from those damn trails they wanted to build. He'll show you the prettiest piece of local trail he knows, cut a hot-damn rug with his wife Gay at the local dance hall, and make sure the bases are covered on what's going on with any project when the chips are down. Rod is fit as a damn fiddle and has a soft spot for doodle dogs.

Dan Antonelli (Grand Valley Canyons Chapter)

Dan is known for high altitude and backcountry trail endeavors, stacking and moving rocks atop the Grand Mesa, flagging snow banks, and riding where most people never think to, as well as keeping some of the worlds autos in tip-top shape. The backcountry seems to be Dan’s favorite haunt, though he's often up for nearly anything adventurous. Dan gets stuff done. He rises early; at least that's what you'd think from his occasional 4 AM email. He's not the loudest guy in the crowd but you darn well want Dan on your team when things are happening. Note to self - check on Dan’s razor, may need sharpening. When Dan is not riding, he is busy running his business, Antonelli’s Automotive. 

Stephen Barnes (Ridgway Area Trails Chapter)

Stephen Barnes, a talented outdoor gear design and marketing guru, hit Ridgway in 2014, preceded by “The Legend of Steve”. According to The Legend, before coming to Ridgway, Steve (and some lackeys) created world-class singletrack trail systems in Everett, WA, Flagstaff, AZ and, most recently, at a place near Cortez, CO now known as Phil’s World. We Ridgway Rubes believe in the power of legend, so we begged Steve to join our RAT steering committee.  He has since catalogued in detail and suggested fixes for the innumerable flaws in concept, design and construction that previously plagued our RAT trail system.  He has also diagnosed and prescribed age-appropriate, therapeutic beverages for the multiple personality disorders afflicting the rest of our local committee members.  When the COPMOBA Board learned of his talents, they demanded that we share him.  Steve has proved an invaluable asset to the Board with his creative approach to marketing COPMOBA and, especially, with the colorful, pool-hall vernacular he brings to every Board meeting.  A reliable, deep source within COPMOBA recently informed us that Timms Fowler stole the concept for Kokopelli’s Trail from Steve while drinking him under the table at the Hilton Hotel in Boulder, during the 7th Annual Great American Beer Festival. We find it hard to believe that Timms could have bested Steve in that contest, but, since Steve would have been only 6 years old at the time, it seems at least plausible. 

Sven Edstrom (Delta Area Mountain Bikers)

If you've run into a striking Swede on Smith Mountain or the Sidewinder Trail you may have felt Sven Edstrom breeze past you, bike maniac in action. His lovely wife, Elsie, and their two enthusiastic bike-Bettys in-training are sure to be in hot pursuit. Sven is a Colorado boy, save for a stint with the U.S. Geological Survey in Puerto Rico, where he perfected a charming broken version of Spanish and biking in 100% humidity. What doesn't break you...  He grew up in Gunnison, chasing after his two older brothers and sister, blazing their own trails well before mountain biking became such a "thing" in Gunnison County.  He is passionate about making mountain biking a "thing" in Delta County and to that end, in addition to his day job of building custom homes, Sven juggles meetings with community members, government agencies, and other local entities to make the dream of a robust Mountain Biking Culture a reality in Delta County.

Edward Hines (Ridgway Area Trails)

Edward was born at an early age--and before he could walk he was riding his bike--thanks very much in part to his father, an FBI agent with access to hundreds of stolen bicycles. Fast forward 40+ years and @dinkybird (his Instagram name) has ridden the seven wonders of North America, pedaled the full circumference of the globe, and began a foundation to help single-speeders find their second gear. When he's not in the saddle, Edward is busy slinging suds for New Belgium, arguably the founders of drinking and bike riding. He's played a key role in the development of the Ridgway Area Trail system by mostly standing around saying things like, "BOOORING!" Still though, he's a helluva a guy and we're mega proud he's on our board. 

Paul Koski (West End)

In his cape and mask, Paul single-handedly holds down the trail efforts of the "Wild West - End".  Paul himself is a bit of a Paradox ... well, not really, but he sure is the person that has pushed and prodded the Paradox trail from concept to continued existence. Known to create works of art from beautiful wood and to also enjoy a quiet trail. If you need a drop-dead gorgeous mini camp-trailer, hand-made, ask to see Paul’s. We think he supports the state's legalization of marijuana. We KNOW he supports the kids and people and communities and every damn other thing in the West End region - he must sit on ten boards. And he's handsome.

Trisha Oakland (Ridgway Area Trails)

Trish was forced into cycling submission a mere four years ago after losing her driver's license due to multiple counts of drag racing. It was on a cold, lonely Strider ride from Denver to Salt Lake that she realized, "Damn--bikes are cool," and proceeded to enter every bike race and distance ride she could find, now able to hang with some of the toughest riders around. Her commitment is underscored by the indelible marks left on her body--$41,000 worth of tattoo art celebrating cycling history. In Ridgway, when she's not busy working as program director to a local arts based non-profit, adventuring with her daughter, and working as a spin instructor; Trish is actively developing RAT's forward operating plan, planning the group's bike Festival slated for June, working to support the local effort to get more kids on bikes, and continuously drumming up support for trail advocacy. Trish is a tremendous mind and a dedicated member of our board. We indeed operate at a higher level with her in our midst.  

Renata Raziano (Uncompahgre Chapter)

A Jersey girl who discovered cycling in her late twenties, Renata spent several years on the east coast gathering diplomas and logging miles on the roads and trails of Georgia before finally seeing the light and moving west. She settled in Montrose on 2011 and joined forces with the rest of the Uncompahgre crew to get more trails built in her new hometown.  She is dermatologist in Montrose and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her husband and son (while wearing sunscreen, of course!). 

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