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Please check the local weather before riding!  We've had quite a bit of snow, and it's frozen.  Mountain bikes ruin the trails when the ground is very wet.  Please use good judgement when starting to ride.  If the mud sticks to your tires, please turn around!  Do not continue to ride!  Please ride another day when it is not so wet!!

Current Conditions: Paradox

April 2012 Paradox Trail Brochure (2mb pdf)

June 2010 Paradox Trail Notice (pdf)

The Paradox Trail links the Tabeguache Trail on the Uncompahgre Plateau and Kokopelli's Trail in the La Sal Mountains of Utah. It's 105 mile length traverses a wide variety of terrain, elevation and eco-zones. Most of its length follows existing jeep and country roads. It is accessible by mountain bike from the months of May through November although many sections are accessible year round. The trail is marked every mile and at key intersections with brown carsonite posts with the Paradox Trail emblem (trail markes may be missing from some sections). Section descriptions are from east to west and all mileages are approximate. Vehicle access points are marked on the map. Services are limited to the Nucla/Naturita area and Bedrock. Major portions of the trail are accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles. Check locally for road conditions.

Since the trail is not patrolled be prepared with plenty of food and water. Trail difficulty is rated in this log as either easy, difficult or very difficult. When wet, all unpaved roads and trail segments my be impassable to both mountain bikes and vehicles. Most of the trail is on remote, unpatrolled USFS and BLM land with unmarked hazards. The adventurous nature of this trail requires users to be cautious, personally responsible, self-sufficient and have a working knowledge of back country survival. The use of topographic maps and a compass is strongly recommended. Drinking water is not readily available along the trail. Water can be found in major drainages, but should be treated before drinking. Most of the trail can be found on the Nucla 1:100,000 scale BLM map and the La Sal Mountains BLM map.

Here is the link to the Paradox Trail web page.

Paradox Trail Web Site

Paradox Trail Facebook Page


Updated Monday February 24, 2014

Delta-Nucla Road to Pinto Mesa Good to Go
Red Canyon Loop-Paradox Trail
Conditions: Good
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