Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2014

December 2, 2014
1. Call to order at 10:10 am at Buckhorn Geotech, Montrose. Attendees: Scott, Clark, Rod, Amy, Laurie, and Kris
2. Didn’t approve minutes.
3. Election of officers for 2014
President – Scott Winans
VP - Chris Muhr
Treasurer – Clark Rieves
Secretary - Laurie Brandt
Laurie made 3 motions: all approved
- Job descriptions of officers
- Reach out to public for board members and officers (by Mar/Apr board meeting)
- Invite other members personally
4. Tour de Bloom – phone conference with Bryce Palo.
- Carrie Surber (BLM) is who we need to get dates and permit approved. Insurance (event rider) needs to be obtained. World Wide needs to get on board, too. Promotion of the event is next. The biggest hurdle is getting a date and both Bryce and Amy have been in touch with Carrie.
- Date - Weekend after Mother’s Day weekend as Th-Sun (May 15-18) is what he proposed to Carrie. We have a 5 year permit so all we need is an annual operational authorization.
- Pre-event fee ($5/rider/day) is approx. $500/yr and evidence of insurance (certificate). Someone needs to get Carrie to approve our permit dates so we can get going.
- Nattana has a format for the flyer and Amy sent her an email to ask about getting it updated.
- World Wide charged more last year for the low turnout. We have been charging $xxx typically. We need their logo to help with their promotion. Our price shouldn’t increase unless World Wide increases their price.
- Chris Muhr would be a good auctioneer this year.
- Scott will call Katie if we can’t get response on dates in a useful timeframe.
- Bryce emails flyer to past participants and posted on website. Send separate news flash to members and public. Bryce can send his notice to Rod and Amy.
- Sponsors – Rods gets items from shops in Ridgway and Ouray, Jen and Chris got items from GJ area. Look for swag in the Moab Area.
- Bryce is still the event coordinator.
- Pat Page has been a generous participant and he offered the pre-ride party at his house. He already gave Amy a donation in Dec. Rod will contact him about the party.
5. Board Business.
- Consideration of new members – see previous
- Board member term limits – Scott suggested that we have a policy of 3 to 4 year term limits. It allows for fresh face and new ideas. What is our value to the public? We will not make any limits at this time. Scott will write a policy page for preference for 3-5 year of service so that there is turnover/renewal. All in favor.
- What are our events? Tour de Bloom, MOG, Fat Tire Festival, RAT Festival, Trail building events, 25th year event. Scott suggested a 25th year party, possibly at Pat Page’s house, but he also wants to do a TDB kickoff event. We had approx. 200 people (Stray Grass band) at our 20th year event. Public place, summer/June, and get a paid promoter to do it for us. Kannah Brewery as a possible venue (9th St, stage, near Riverfront Trail). Paul made motion for 25th party, Kris 2nd it.
- Rod will follow up with event promoter in Ridgway. Clark will contact Snob Productions. Kris and Amy will pursue people they know. This information is due to Amy by the end of January.
- Questions for promoter – public place, 200-300 people, celebrates our 25 years of building/advocating for trails, beer, live music, kid-friendly?, June, afternoon/eve, community benefit, scrapbook for 20th year, slide show, organized ride, advocacy/history of building trails. Find out lead time and scope of costs for possible promoter.
- We need someone who can promote COPMOBA. Rod mentioned an event promoter in Ridgway who deals with other bike-related events. Local chapters have their own local events for local residents and TDB is for the entire organization. How do we reach more people for membership? We could pick one event to try an event promoter and see how it turns out.
- Scott made motion to contact promoters and get to Amy by end of Jan. Seconded by Kris. All in favor.
- Scott made motion that by end of Feb, we will commit to spend money with a promoter or do it ourselves. Paul seconded it. All in favor.
- Grant writing. Danika Gilbert RAT. GOCO grant. $1500-1800, but we missed the deadline. Once a database is established, it makes future grants easier. Colorado grant format. She is working on the Anschutz and NCCC grants for trail work. Danika needs our budget for the local project and for the organization. Scott asked for her to be put in touch with Amy so that she can do more grant writing for us. Deadline is Jan 15th for Danika’s proposal and Rod thinks we will know by the end of Jan.
- We need to improve the Access database (contact Noel to begin) so that chapter members can be extracted. Amy will give us a report at the end of the month on how to improve our database to get members by chapter.
- Two Bob trailers were approved in prior meeting and Scott needs to order them. Will be done no later than March.
- Amy needs to know # of miles and volunteer hours after each event at the chapter level.
6. Budget Items. Clark.
- $1,991 net income. $130,917 on hand. $93,138 is restricted. $37,780 free to spend.
- Tim’s trail funds available total just under $xxK. Time Machine is the next trail in process at 3-Sisters area.
- $2K is because of pause in payment of insurance to IMBA. We paid a short rider (Oct-Jan). We are OK until Mar 1st with our insurance rider. Liability insurance. Rod said it should cover officers, board members and agents. On public lands, we are covered by the BLM or FS.
- Scott proposed that we review the policy to ensure that we approve of the coverage that we will receive. Raise this topic in our subsequent two board meetings to maintain visibility. This is to know our exposure and if we need additional coverage.
- Clark will finalize the financial statements for us to review items reserved/earmarked to see if they are still relevant. If there is still money available in grants for tools, signage, food, etc. then we should use that money for those items or release for general budget if applicable.
- Amy indicated that REI is open to having us use the money elsewhere in some instances.
- If funds are restricted, Clark was asked to highlight them so that we can review the grants.
- Paul made the motion that each chapter gets $1,000 for discretionary spending pending the outcome of the final financial statement. Rod seconded the motion. All in favor.
- Rod is looking for a tool trailer for the Ridgway chapter. Good used, donated, or new.
7. West End. Paul
- Log jam of funds to get things moving. $8800 grant to Montrose West End Rec. for reroute. Funds are there. Arch field work is done for the whole reroute. Waiting on Check from state to finish reports.
- Signage on Paradox Trail is still up and looking good.
- Would like to see a KML file for GPS Trace of the Paradox Trail on COPMOBA webpage. $800 in house Money (MWR) for printing Maps.
- 45 hours volunteer hours for this year. Planning on trail maintenance for brush clearing on Paradox Trail. Do a Y-11 trail ride/maintenance day.
- Kiosk at the Naturita Visitor Center and at Uravan.
- Burn Canyon 30 miles of Single Track / Moto proposed. Not to public comment yet.
- Thunder Trails area is being mitigated and 8 miles of single track/moto, creating camp grounds in planning process through Forest Service.
8. Ridgway. Rod.
- RAT adopted Town Park for maintenance, weeds, etc. Weaver Park. They will have two work
days, one in spring and one in summer.
- They lost their Youth Corps week due to government shutdown. Both weeks in May. Danika
thinks she can get funding for 8 full weeks.
- They will have two more volunteer weekends, independent of YC. Aug/Sep.
- McKenszie Butte and Fisher Canyon are two areas for possible trails.
- Grants – possibly approach Amy Sharp to help with BLM process. Anika Gilbert and GOCO grant.
- RAT Fest – June 7-8
- Winter Fund Raiser soon – Brian Scranton will find a band for the Sherbino.
- Started with $6,271, $5K REI grant. $1K from Ridgway. $554 Sherbino event. $3,400, net $2,200 from RAT Fest
- Town will give them $2,500 for 2014.
- Rod requested that he gets a list of Ridgway area members, needed for grants.
- He has several people who could use crew leader training.
- 676 hours trail building volunteer hours.
9. Uncompahgre. Laurie.
- 2013 was a record-breaking year for the chapter. 88 volunteers donated 472 hours for trail building and 5 miles of new trail was built.
- Buzzard Gulch – We had 3 trail work days in the spring and now the trail system is officially recognized and mapped.
- Cerro Summit – $4,500 was raised to fund the initial phase of the project. About 2 miles of trails were built. The City of Montrose grant writer applied for a State Trails Grant.
- Fall Fund Raising Event at 2 Rascals Oct 24th – Showed Klunkerz movie and it was well attended. Tap fee plus donated items generated $748 donations. 2 Rascals, Colorado Boy, Primal Wear, Mtn Khakis and Cascade Bicycles were big sponsors.
10. Grand Valley Canyons. Kris.
- Dan has volunteer hours on FS land. Amy has hours for BLM also.
- Started year with Mojo. Completed/opened in March.
- Work days were limited for Monday night maintenance due to rain. Mesa Top Trail was good. One maintenance day on Palisade Trail.
- 1 meeting/month during season. 5-35 people attending. Lots of RMP volunteer hours.
- They are down one on their committee. John Howe was suggested as a replacement.
- Nordic Council wanted to know if warming hut at Skyway can be used by another group in the summer. Dan looked into it, but not feasible this year since it needs an outfitter’s permit.
- Mesa Land Trust will talk about their projects at the next chapter meeting.
- 3 Sisters work days, Dan has lots of FS trail days on Grand Mesa, Monument Rd trails
- Long range – North Fruita desert, 40+ people attended scoping meeting
- Ready to build - Kokopelli NCA , County Line to Skyway, Mesa Top, Flowing Park, Palisade
- F-Town Geardown – needs to pay us for beer sales. Kris to follow up with this.
11. Coordinator Update.
- Membership/chapter affiliation – she will work on database to extract this info and let us know what she finds by the end of the month.
- 150 members, all types – her efforts to get more members with mailings don’t work well
- Amy would like to put together a better letter for explaining what we do
- A pie chart of our expenses ($45k) would be helpful for members to see where organizational funding goes. Clark will develop some visual representation of our finances.
- Merchandise – she ordered wool socks and showed an example. We have no jerseys left, but we do have hoodies. Primal Wear (John “Hutch” Hutchinson) wants to help us do a jersey. Amy will look into minimums for jersey orders. Rod wants a unique jersey for TDB with its own design and only 3 or so made. He will look into a design.
- Website review – Problems keeping it updated. The chapters need to send their most current info to Amy on a regular basis. Scott would like to see a GPS downloadable file for the big three trails. Mike Steele or Dan has the one for Koko trail. Paul will get the file for Paradox trail. Scott will get the 1% for Trails write-up for the website.
12. Fundraisers.
- Rockslide Fundraiser. Feb 2nd event, 12-4. Small beer festival with 7 breweries. $10 fee for tastings that we will get the proceeds from. We need a couple of representatives of COPMOBA there. We need to promote this. Our logo will be on their flyer.
- MOG/Bike Swap – April 19.
- Fruita Fat Tire Festival pancake breakfast/scavenger hunt – April 26
- TDB – already discussed
- TDG – Dan and Rod want it to happen, but Rod can’t take the lead. Maybe the events coordinator can make it happen. Perhaps 2015?
- Ride and BBQ – 25th Anniversary (see previous discussion)
- Kannah Creek – First Monday is keg day when they give proceeds to local non-profit (Kris)
13. 1% for Trails.
- Scott read his description of this program.
- When a company gets to $500 in donations, they would become a $500 COPMOBA business member for the balance of the year.
- We would approach businesses face-to-face to get business participants.
- A window sticker would be in shop window.
- Scott to send program description to board members this week.
14. Trails 2000.
- Kurt was frustrated with Trails 2000 in Durango. We recommend that he gets involved with their organization. Do trails days and get on the board.
15. Other items.
16. Next meeting. Monday, March 10 at 6 pm at Buckhorn Geotech.
17. Meeting adjourned at 3:52 pm.
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