Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes July 30, 2014

December 2, 2014
Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Time: 6:20 pm -
Place:  Thin Air- NW corner of 1st & North Ave.
Board members present:  Scott Winans, Chris Muhr, Chris Davis, Rod Fitzhugh, Paul Koski, Clark Reeves, Dan Antonelli, Kris Cox, Laurie Brandt
  1. Call to Order @6:20
  2. Approve Last Meeting’s Minutes – not available.  We will need to approve these by email.
  3. Coordinator’s Report – Amy.  30+ members joined at MOG Fest and another 25+ joined/renewed at 25th Anniversary party.  Now we have 190 members, which is more than we’ve had in a long time.  We also have new business members.  The computer crashed again.  Graphics have been saved.  The newsletter will go out next Thursday.  She needs our info by Wed, 8/6.  Phone, printer and tablet are COPMOBA’s.  She has a lot of stuff in her house (files, hats, shirts, signs), approx. 15 boxes, etc.  August 8th is her last day.  She still needs to send membership packets out to those who joined in June.  MOG and Fat Tire Festival will be on the same weekend in 2015. 
  4. Discussion of New Coordinator – Amy’s comments: once the GJ chapter started, her tasks changed.  The Coordinator services all chapters.  They should live in GJ due to big events, parties, pancake breakfast, banking, etc.  The newsletter doesn’t take a lot of time, but it should be more in depth.  Needs more content.  Membership and answering emails and calls takes time.  They need to know the trails and be an avid mountain biker.  They should know the history of our organization, how we work with the BLM, basic payroll/tax book-keeping, assistance agreements with the BLM (website passwords).  The Coordinator should spend regular time with each chapter chairperson.  July 2016 is important date for assistance agreement.  Clark will meet with the local BLM staff to make sure we are up to date.  The transition from Bill to Amy got messed up with the draw of $50K at one time.  Scott asked Amy for a summary of her job description and what events she is involved with and who the contact names/numbers are.  She works 20 hours per week at $12/hour.  This is a full time job in the Spring and part-time from Nov to end of Feb.  An average of 30 hours per week is her guess as to the time it takes.  Formal job evaluation needed with the full board periodically and with the President regularly.
  5. Financial Report (Clark) Bank account has $130K as of June 30th, but a good portion is restricted.  He will do complete report soon.
  6. TdB 2015 Planning (Bryce P. and Rod F.)
  • Most pressing need is the 5 year permit.  Bryce would like to see someone take over the lead.  New blood can energize the event. 
  • We need to submit a request for a 2015 trip date soon, but we may not get confirmation until Jan/Feb. 
  • A timeline document was recommended as a framework.  Also, include tips and details for what makes the event run smoothly.  Sept 1st – deadline for timeline document.  Planning needs to start 2-4 months sooner.  The quality of the experience should be at 28 paying riders, not over 30.  Need a minimum of 4-5 strong riding guides for 28 riders.  We need a good mechanic and medical support.
  • We should find a local GJ person who can transition into administrator of the event.  Amy suggested that the new Coordinator position could include the TdB management.  There are a lot of cross-over tasks like billing, membership, coordination, plus they get the perk of getting to ride the trail. 
  • Worldwide Expeditions may not want to do this in 2015.  Bryce and Rod will call Steve and ask of their commitment. 
  • A strong ride leader is important, such as Russ this year. 
  • The event needs to be promoted, perhaps professionally.  Google search hits needs to find the TdB better.  TV coverage could help.  Marketing the amenities would help a lot to separate it from the Hermosa tour.  We need to better cover the event on our website. 
  1. West End Update – (Paul)
  • Paradox Trail – signage is good and some groups have been through.
  • Paradox Trail re-route – He got a $4,500 pledge from local grant.  Paul is seeking an additional Telluride Foundation grant for $5,000.  Amy Sharp has come up with proposal.
  • WEBA – Road and mtn bike group in west end.  Montrose County will include GIS mapping.  They want to have more events.
  • A West End chapter is desired.  They have 4 members. 
  • Discussion of having the Wild West End Tour again.  This could be the Coordinator’s responsibility and include a paid promoter. 
  1. Sneffels/RAT Update – (Rod)
  • RAT Fest – Sept 20th at Town Park.  5-6 Brewers there as beer festival.  No trail work day or official rides that day.  Focus on fund raising with beer and auction.  No objections to approval of $25 fee.
  • Grant application with Amy Sharp ($3,500 fee) for $200K.  They need $12K for matching funds to support the application.  Scott suggested to underwrite the $12K amount to guarantee the amount is met.  This would build a total of about 18 more miles, restrooms, parking lots, and other improvements.  There will be a total of 24 miles, if built out as designed.
  • 6 miles of trail are built so far.  2 miles from last summer.  Connector trail is now open to the State Park.  Singletrack from Hwy 50 to CR 10 will be complete soon.  Construction will continue into the fall due to State Park funds ($75K).  Aug 7 meeting to discuss construction schedule and volunteer days.  Work is down to Steve Barns (IMBA trail builder), Rod and Gordon.
  1. Uncompaghgre/Montrose Update - (Laurie)
  • Buzzard Gulch – work days 9/27-28 weekend with Scott Vanderplaats. 
  • Cerro Summit – work day 8/10.  2 miles constructed so far.  WCCC spent 4 days building trails.  Laurie will send map of current trails to board.
  1. Delta/ DAM Update/ Vision and Needs – (Chris Davis)
  • They have 5 committee members who are very interested in learning the process of trail advocacy.  There are about 30+ people involved in their club, FB page, and rides.  Chris has an email list. 
  • Smith Mtn is the main area of interest for their chapter.  Greg Mazu designed a 30 mile stacked loop system of non-motorized trails 3-4 years ago.  There is a lot of County-wide support for this project. 
  • Lower Sawmill Mesa (Dominguez-Escalante) – Another area where trails were approved.
  1. Grand Valley Canyons/ GJ Update (Kris Cox)
  • GJ Off-road
  • 141 Connector – physical feature to limit use, but allow 2 track use.
  • Pollock Bench Extension – Quiet users.  3 arches.
  • GVTA – Trail development process.  Kris handed this out for all of our projects.
  • Mesa Top – 15 people last weekend.  ¾ mile completed.  Almost done!  8/9-10 weekend for more trail work (thanks Dan!);
  • BLM Maintenance – WCCC will be available for trail work (18 Road) – 9/13 and 10/13;  Old Spanish Trail; 21 Road toad.
  • 3 Sisters – possible work this fall
  • Palisade Rim – upper loop work was completed
  • Gunny Loop – need input from riders for improvements, discussion evening
  • Turkey Flats – weekend (9/7?)
  1. Funding - general fund/ local chapter policy discussion
  • Scott proposed that we set aside 10% of contributions for general operations/overhead.  This helps pay for the Coordinator’s pay, as well. 
  1. 1% for Trails
  2. Telluride Trails – San Miguel County will spend $45K for Telluride Mtn Village (6 mile radius). 
  3. Other Items of Business
  4. Set Next Meeting Date
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