Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes November 5th, 2014

December 2, 2014
Board Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2014
6pm, Thin Air, Grand Junction, CO
Call to Order by Scott Winans at 6:07
Attendees: Scott Winans, Chris Davis, Kris Cox, Rod Fitzhugh, , Kristina Kittelson, Chris Muhr, Dan Antonelli, Steven Barnes, Bill Lindler (remote), Paul Koski (remote), Laurie Brandt (remote).
Approval of minutes from 7/30/2104 board meeting.  Motion by Rod, seconded by Dan.  Unanimous approval.
Chapter Reports (limit 20 min each)
  1. DAMBikers (Chris Davis) – Smith Mtn is main effort.  A new TMP is needed before new trails are developed (Edd Franz is BLM rep).  Start process end of next year, followed by at least 1 year.  Region 10 Economic Coordinator and City Manager are on board.  Greg Mazu has a rough trail plan for the area.  County Line trails (USFS) are in the works.  Chris will follow up with USFS.  They will produce maps and other docs to present to BOCC.
  2. Grand Valley Canyons (Kris Cox) – Goal is to create trail project prelim plans in anticipation of the RMP release.  They need to think about new routes and get them GPS’d and on maps.  Two trails are approved for McGinnis NCA (2004 plan), which will be their focus for 2015.  They recently did work on 18 Road erosion and new signs.  Lunch Loops maintenance has been a focus.  3 Sisters trails to start in 2015.  Bookend property has been purchased and trail study is started with possible trail building in 2015.  Maintenance and kiosk on Palisade Rim.  Mesa Top Trail is 99% complete and a Grand Opening ceremony in 2015.  GVTA – Hwy 141 connector, Pollock Canyon extensions (non-bike), and Old Spanish Trail (near Whitewater).
  3. RAT (Rod Fitzhugh) – They have money coming from the town of Ridgway ($5,000) and $60K in-kind support from Ouray County.  They've submitted for $200K grant.  Their work in 2015 is dependent on whether grants come in.  They are pursuing an additional grant for $75K to hire SWCC for closure/rehab trail work by Dec 16th.  Rod asked for Board to support the cost of grant application (est. $2,500-3,500) pending available funds from chapter.  Motion by Chris Muhr and seconded by Kris Cox, unanimous approval.  Sara B. to be in National Bicycling Hall of Fame.  We should recognize her on our web page - agreed.
  4. Uncompahgre (Laurie Brandt) – For Cerro Summit, we are partnering with the City of Montrose for a GOCO grant for Youth Corps for 2 weeks next year.  A Sept work day built 1.2 miles of trail in Buzzard Gulch with about 35 volunteers.  We recently hired Scott Vanderplaats to flag/GPS 3 miles of two connector trails in Spring Canyon to connect Lower Spring Cr Trail with Spring Canyon trail.  We now have Trail Planning and Events/Fundraising subcommittees.  We are working on trail plans and developing our mission for the future.  County and City meetings are scheduled regarding economic value of trails and their involvement with our group.
  5. West End (Paul Koski) – Oct 2nd meeting with BLM was positive and the Paradox Trail re-route is moving forward.  Telluride Foundation grant application was submitted.  2015 is the 20th anniversary of the Paradox Trail.  He is working on the cycling club to work towards a full COPMOBA Chapter.  Glencoe Bench is his focus next year.  Paul will approach our new County Commissioner, Glen Davis, so that he is aware of recreational opportunities in the West End.
Coordinator Update (Kristina Kittelson) – Sept 21st was transition of Amy’s materials.  See separate Coordinator Report dated 11/5/14.
Treasurer Report (Scott Winans for Clark) – Scott wanted to have Clark re-format the report so that it has clearer summaries, especially for each Chapter.  He asked each Chapter to look closely at their accounting and discuss with Clark any corrections.  Scott will work with Clark to have revised financials available for upcoming board meeting.
Agenda Items
  • Coordinator position review
    • Approve mileage reimbursement rate for Coordinator: This was discussed via email and we are all in agreement this needs to be done. Ranges from .25 to .32 per mile have been discussed. Rod pays staff .565 cents per mile, and feels one can’t offer less than .32 cents per mile with gas prices and use over the lifetime of the car. Bill gets .56 per mile. Rod then suggests a yearly cap. Chris suggests mileage upon approval of president. All agreed that it is hard to say how much travel she will do at this point. Scott suggested that this be a line item in budget. Rod offered that 200 miles per month is reasonable, once a month visiting chapter. Rod made the motion to resolve to budge in 2015 budget 200 miles per month for a total 2400 at rate of $0.35/mi for all reasonable COPMOBA business including chapter meetings, work days events, etc., and place with president authority to expand that if needed without going back to board, and require a monthly travel log submission and review. Paul second. No oppose. Rod also made the motion that this would apply to the rest of 2014. Chris second. No oppose.
    • Job Responsibilities: Scott suggested that outreach to all chapters is a major component and is different from what Amy was doing as when she started her job there was only GJ Chapter. He would like to see coordinator at major events and an annual chapter meeting. She need to identify challenges in membership management, outreach, and focus on fundraising management. It was relayed that a number of chapters are using grant writes and it would be useful for her to be able to help with this. Amy did some of this but only focused on GJ Chapter. Rod agrees - just missed a Telluride grant as they didn't have time to put resources to write it. He has had trouble with this in the past and thinks its important to have data readily accessible to put in grants. He also suggests we set priority for Kristina, what comes first. Rod thinks it should be membership management as it has been static for so long. Rod would look to Kristina to come with ideas of what she should focus on and present them to board, and let the board decide what to do. Scott summarized saying that one, we should look at Coordinator as a communication conduit and she should develop ways to share that information and two, work to coalesce the information that we are going to use often, for example what are our volunteer hours, miles of trail built for example. For Kristina, the board would like her to put together what should be on list. Announcements of activities should come from Kristina to the Chapters - IMBA TCC visit for example. To review, coordinator at chapter meetings once per year at minimum, if not twice. Rod relayed membership development, marketing organization, and developing brand and helping to coordinate events such as RAT Fest, MOG. Scott and Kris both agreed calendar management is important and we should set a deadline for getting the events posted. Scott also relayed that Kristina should develop a repository of imagery such as graphics, logos, trail work pictures. In terms of specific activities, Kristina is a part-time employee, and we need to prioritize. Kristina is to review this and present to board.
Chapter Funding
  • Fundraising at Chapter level & overhead set-aside
  • Annual dispersion to Chapters- in past, board has provided $1000 per year to each chapter.  How do we see this for the coming calendar year? Chris suggests available upon request. Business sponsors and membership goes to general fund. A donation can be earmarked for a specific chapter. Scott feels that money should go to the organization. Rod relayed that donors in Ridgway want that money to stay local and they want to see their trials to be developed. They know Rod and Sarah but don’t know people in GJ. Chris M relayed that the money should underwrite trail development projects in those area or earmark money for specific projects. Rod thinks there is a middle ground - we had this discussion at the last board meeting. Every contribution gets a 10% overhead taken off. Bill says if the city of Ridgway gives money, they expect the money to go to Ridgway. Bylaws are clear that chapters can't have their own bank account, and all money goes into general fund. Bylaws also make clear that local chapters can use funds locally only to the extent permitted by the COPMOBA Board.  The 10% needs to be taken off the front. Chris says this money that is earmarked for a chapter needs to go into an encumbered fund. Rod says this should also apply to earned income from events, jerseys, hats, etc. Rod moves that the all income generated by local chapter, whether generated by donations, events, fundraising (not memberships), shall be deposited in COPMOBA bank account and 10% will be allocated to the general fund and remaining 90% allocated to for use by the local chapter and spent by the local chapter within the limits of the bylaws, articles of incorporation, and direction of the board and that such allocations shall be recorded in the company books as soon as they are made on an ongoing basis. This does not apply to grant funds received by local chapters. Implementation date based upon feedback from Treasurer to be resolved by Nov 30, 2014.
  • Board Members
    • Area/Chapter representation of board members (balance numbers)- Scott presents that we should be aware of board member numbers from the various chapters, and consider if we need to, and how to, best balance representation on the board.  Chris M stated that he has not seen unfairness with mixed board representation and that we should not turn away somebody that brings energy and expertise. Dan mentioned that it may be unbalanced in terms of the time taken at a board meeting and we would need to be mindful of that. All agreed that if interested individuals in other areas want to be considered, there is no formal cap on the number of board members.
    • Term limits – tabled.
    • Consider proposal of Steve Barnes for RAT chapter representation: Rod presented Steve and his background. Steve also shared his involvement with trail building, particularly at Phil’s World. Chris M made motion to add Steve to the board, Dan seconded. No oppose.
    • Proposal RE consideration of board membership for Coordinator - tabled.
  • 2015 Tour de Bloom: implementation plan, promotion plan, schedule – Kristina and Scott will organize. Name change needed. Rod circulated an email memo summarizing important planning issues and significant dates and deadlines pertinent to the event.  A copy is attached to these minutes. 
  • Membership
    • Scott relayed that we need to create committee to review & recommend members management processes and at the next meeting specific recommendations. Chris M, Kris Cox volunteered to be on committee in coordination with Coordinator, and will on or before next board meeting, make recommendations for membership management processes, software, timeframes, automatic payments, etc, for board consideration.
    • Member & Business sponsorship levels, acknowledgment process – tabled.
  • 1% for Trails – finish program process for 2015 application by end of year – tabled.
  • End of season party at Delta? Chris Davis will check with Chapter and have decision in a week.
Set next meeting date (consider set schedule, e.g., First Monday of the month). Kristina will set up Doodle Poll for January retreat to be one full day on weekend. Places suggested include a house in Telluride, Chipeta Sun Lodge, and the Gunnison River Farms, lodge, kitchen.
Adjourned 9:07
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