Board Meeting Minutes

April 18th, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

April 29, 2016
The President did not attend.  VP Chris Muhr presided and called the meeting to order
Michael Vaughn
Clark Rieves
Sven Edstrum
Rod Fitzhugh
Paul Koski
Steve Barns
Tim Gallegos
Bill Lindler
Chris Muhr
John Howes
Dan Antonelli
Rusty Wouters
Renata Raziano
Marty Kauzlarich
  A motion was made to approve the minutes from the January meeting.  After brief discussion the motion was seconded and passed unanimously moves approval
Clark Rieves advised that he will transfer $1000 to each chapter fund from the general fund on or about April 19, for the annual chapter disbursement. 
Clark also  advised that the company insurance premium was paid after notice of cancellation and the insurance carrier confirmed confirmed receipt of payment.  Clark is working on the company 990 tax return and will need to file a long form this year due to receipt by the company of over $250K in 2015.  Money has started coming in for TDB, but most will go back out for event expenses.
Clark mentioned the need to update authorized signatures on the company bank accounts. After a brief discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously, as follows:
Resolved that (a) Bill Harris shall be removed as a signor on the company money market account; (b) Laurie Brandt shall be removed as a signor on the company business account; (c)Chris Muhr and Clark Rieves shall remain as the only signors on the money market account; (d) Scott Wianns, Rod Fitzhugh, Renata Raziano, Chris Muhr, Paul Koski, Sven Edstrom and Clark Rieves shall remain as signors on the company business account, and (e), John Howe shall be added as a signor on the business account. 
A brief discussion ensued concerning the extent to which the Coordinator should have access to the financial records of the company.  The board reached a consensus that we will not add the Coordinator as a signor on any bank accounts but the treasurer will continue to provide her information as needed and action will be taken as needed to obtain access for the Coordinator to the company’s bank account on line, but will not have authority to access any funds. 
Clark sent a chapter financial report to each chapter and each chapter needs to review, discuss and provide feed back to Clark.
Clark advised that the money market account has $35K we haven’t touched in two years.
Coordinator Report
The coordinator was not present due to illness.  The board discussed expansion of the coordinator role and our need for more administrative assistance, especially with grants.  We would like to hire K. Kittleson as a full-time employee to perform those functions but money remains an issue.  Clark will review historic finances and provide a report concerning our financial wherewithal to pay the Coordinator on a full time basis.  The board asks that the President discuss the subject with the coordinator and attempt to determine what salary might be needed to make the position full time, and how the role might best be expanded.  The board will revisit this topic at the next meeting with the intent of making a firm decision.   
            Received from CPW 32K official award letter on WMRecDist grant app
            WEBA – change to WETA (trails)
            COPMOBA – some officers of WETA are members;  Paul would like to see WETA absorbed into COPMOBA at some point but the group on whole does not
            The John Brown Canyon Hill Climb was successful; 90 rode it and Paul finished 2nd
            Montrose W Rec will get from Montrose County 4500, from Telluride 4500  and from the State 3500 state to build 4 miles single track
            WMRec meets soon with Senator Bennett’s staff about recalcitrance from the BLM UFO concerning such as that encountered on recent Paradox Trail Reroute. 
Paul suggest the Board Meet in the West End some time soon so he won’t have to drive 5 hours round trip
Rod Reported:
RAT has completed trailer and tool purchases authorized in the 2015 CPW grant award;  further, that RAT has expended all but about $1800 of the second advance on the grant; also  that RAT has another $20K advance coming from CPW, which the company will have to advance from the RAT general fund or the company general fund prior to application for reimbursement from CPW; further that RAT plans to cycling events for this years RAT Fest, namely, a poker run on the new trails north of town and an Alley Crit in the vicinity of Town Park; the event is scheduled for June 11; also, that BLM will sponsor a work day/fun ride/ribbon cutting ceremony at the Road 10 trail head on June 4th.  The Colorado State BLM Director will attend, along with representatives of Montrose County, the Town of Ridgway and RAT. 
The Town of Ridgway has authorized RAT to construct a pump track.  RAT has obtained commitments for volunteer design, materials, equipment and labor.  The town will assume responsibility for the track after it is constructed.  The town will issued an excavation permit so donated dirt can be dumped on the site.  No further action will be authorized until certain insurance issues have be resolved and RAT/COPOMBA and Town make a written agreement.  COPMOBA’s insurance carrier reported to Rod they will charge the company and additional $400 per year to insurance against liability arising from RAT’s construction of the track, even if the Town assumes responsibility for future maintenance and management.  The board overall expressed concerns about the additional premium cost and reluctance to authorize further action without resolution of the insurance issue. Steve will talk to town staff about possibly having the Town include COPMOBA as an additional insured on the town liability policy.  Rod will again approach the carrier about obtaining coverage at a lower premium.
            Bill reported that RAT has received financial support from one equestrian and that he and Scott Vanderplaatz will scout a black diamond trail line on May 1.
Renata and Rusty reported:
            Unc will host a movie night next at 2 Rascals with an award presentation for Laurie B; organize and operate a beer garden in June when BTC passes through Montrose; Work days on sunset mesa are set for April 30th with CMU kids and other volunteers- Scott will flag, Gary Baker will supervise; have reviewed comments concerning CPW rejection of the 2016 planning grant app and will resubmit planning grant this year; Amy Sharp is already working on it and will do it for very cheap because CPW has never rejected her on a grant app previously - Wildlife management was a significant issue on the last app.
            Renata mentioned a May 3 collaboration meeting at Holiday in Montrose organized by BLM; She will forward the announcement received from BLM;  also, Unc had a group meeting with USFS about a new trail head on highway 90 at the end of the pavement west of Montrose; this will serve mainly atv and jeep use, will include parking and restrooms; the county will eventually own or lease the trail head property likely let the atv community do what they want with it. The BLM and/or county will reserve the opposite side of the road for a non-motorized trail head; Rusty and Renata indicate that side of 90 offers excellent trail potential; also, the City of Montrose wants an MOU with the Unc Chapter and the chapter solicits any assistance the other chapters have from prior experience with similar arrangements
            The Delta and Montrose Chapters had a meeting with BLM  Concerning the NCA along gunny gorge; BLM wants concepts and “visions” for trail on that part of BLM and also the area south of landfill road near Montrose.  Both those areas have excellent potential and both local chapters will develop proposed routes for BLM
Sven reported:
25 participated in the Smith Mtn Bash; the event helped familiarize participants with the area terrain; also, the chapter has vents planned – the Unc bash on a date to be determined – that will be a campout/trail work/ride event; A grand mesa county line trail work day will be scheduled also; DAMB plans 3 group rides– 9/10 in crested butte with a beer and chili fest - no definite location yet; also  – a kokopelli shuttle ride in October with no definite date – similar to TDB with no outfitter; also, adouble track ride on the old grand mesa road in July
DAMB also needs to develop a list of trails and priority for the what we want built in the Gunny Gorge area  – then develop a map and get it to BLM so they can develop a travel management plan.
DAMB has also had communications with BLM about areas to build and ride on near pleasure park; Sven has concerns about lack of community involvement; Chris Muhr reported that he and Jen Taylor are developing a concept to interweave several SW Colorado communities along an Adrenaline Trail for cyclists, intending to create a inter-community push for marketing and promotion of recreational opportunity. 
John Reports
            He posted a written report on Google Group page and urges all to review it. Highlights include: Work is progressing for construction of new trail and reroutes totaling 8.5 miles to complete most of the remaining McGinnis Canyons RMP syste; in January the local chapter committed $5K and the COPMOBA board authorized a 2500 match for what donors would contribute; also have applied for this years  REI grant and fully expect to receive that money soon; Fruita donated 10K; an arch survey is underway; surveys will likely cost about 9600 bucks; Back Country Biker pledged 2000;  A further meeting is set for May 5th with the town of Fruita; the NEPA process should be done soon and construction will follow: the mac ridge component of the trail system will be hired out and the rest of it will likely use volunteer efforts; construction is expected to commence this fall.
Chris Reports that efforts continue to create wheel chair trails as well.
Gear up (MOG fest) will happen this weekend in Fruita with a beer tent
            A discussion ensued about permitting and insurance costs for special events.  Someone mentioned that the basic insurance coverage includes 4 special events.  Rod identified 2 of them as RAT FEST and Tour De Bloom.  No one could name the others.  Several in attendance endorsed the idea of having the general fund pay for insurance coverage for at least one special event each year for each chapter. The consensus agreed that we need to make sure we have insurance in place for all special events and need to give all chapters an opportunity to host a special event occasionally.  No specific action was proposed and not motions were offered.  By consensus the board agreed to bring this matter back for discussion at the next meeting.
SIGNS – Chris is working with John Hodge to create standardized “where are you maps” with QR codes on the maps -  will include a link from the QR to our website so users can contribute direct to our donation page; RAT members report similar plans for the RAT system with assistance from Blue Door GIS (Alisa Gardner).
Discussion of a request from Whit Smith to authorize purchase from General Funds of ride leader jerseys for TDB ride leaders.  The idea was disapproved by consensus with not motions offered. 
JOHN reported that the Mesa County Sheriffs expressed frustration about resources expended on rescue efforts for MT bikers and want COPMOBA to help promote CORSAR cards with the MT bike community; this idea was the subject of an email motion offered by John earlier this month, which motion passed by a vote of 8 in favor and 2 opposed. John sent a stock PR statement to Kristrina for electronic distribution.
A brief discussion ensued concerning the board’s method and manner of action, with brief reference to the bylaws.  The consensus was to reserve email motions and votes for urgent business and to have each board member post request for action to the google group for inclusion on the next scheduled meeting agenda. 
A brief discussion led to questions about security issues that make use of google groups questionable for important financial data; we probably should use secure drop box for such sharing
Agreement was made for a meeting on July 18 at 6:00, in Montrose. Renata will locate and designate a spot for the meeting - maybe the city hall conference room
A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously
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