Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2014

March 17, 2014
COPMOBA March Board Meeting minutes 03-10-2014
Attendees: Scott W, Laurie B, Dan A, Bill L, Kris K., Chris M., Clark R., Rod F., Amy A.
Location - Buckhorn Geotech, Montrose.  Call to Order at 6:20 PM
Uncompahgre Chapter Report:  Meeting  Feb 12th- 19 attendees, atypically large number.
1% for trails program discussed - lots of Montrose interest.  Laurie needs paperwork / implementation steps to give to interested parties.  Chris Muhr proposed create stickers and posters for 1% for trails budget of $250. Laurie B seconded. Passed 7-0.  Kris C’s son will share a draft design about March 10, 2014.
Buzzard Gulch trail work April 26th, Cerro Summit June 7th.  Two Rascal’s party after both events.  June 22nd Bicycle Tour of Colorado camping in Montrose.  Considering hosting beer garden- police cost is an issue.  Unc. Trail Bash- Late June:  Tim Gallegos & Chris Davis of Tread adventures will plan event.
Aside:  Phone conference format for meetings discussed.  Bill proposes using Web-X.  Meetings would be recorded, file sharing capability. Training needs would be minimal.  Bill will look into costs of various platforms.  Skype also.  Decide on a date for trial meeting. 
Organization Insurance Review: Rich Engelhart of Home Loan spoke with Chris M.  IMBA can obtain insurance policy through K&K at rate similar to prior years.  Claim history for IMBA included 2 deaths in recent past with RJF.  New K&K policy would not include product liability (also referred to as “Completed Operations” coverage – relating to injuries on trails designed/built by us). IMBA policy will be $500 roughly. Rod will speak with Rich again to get detail on both the IMBA and the stand alone policies.  Stand alone policy offered through Secura was roughly $2600/year.  Coverages of the two different policies are not clearly understood.  Chris M. Moves to proceed with Rod’s recommendation after Rod’s further discussion with Rich, and to pay for the insurance this week (by Friday March 14th).  Dan seconded. Passed 7-0.
Grand Valley Chapter report: John Howe - new local chapter committee member.  MLT made presentation on bookends- want to buy this year.
Directional signs for 18 road are installed- shops instructed to listen for feedback.  Copmoba to direct Hilltop to concern areas.  Singletrack Tr (Mazu) has been working on PBR. 
GVTA-Dan proposes, Rod 2nds $100 membership in GVTA.  Passed 8-0. GVTA wants to create a Trail Center, and is also working on communication methods for trails to be built.  Discussion RE method in which COPMOBA participates with GVTA.  Propose projects to take action on – create topics for which GVTA can serve a clearly defined purpose.
Bumper Stickers- is Bill L’s contact- they make high quality stickers, good history with them.  Proposal to print the CO COPMOBA stickers – both member and non-member styles. Printing budget approved up to $300, discussed via email if over that value.  Approval to pay Bryan Kox $100 for successful sticker design.
Workdays:  March 15th- 18 road maint., Sarlacc April 13th maint, May 3&4 Sarlacc Campout. May 10th Pal Rim Maint., June 28&29 Turkey Flats maint; July 12th Mesa Top, July 16th Gunny evening, July 26 & Aug 9 Mesa Top, Sep 6 Turkey Flats, Sep 27 18 Road maint.
RAT Chapter report:  VOC work event May 10 & 11 - hopes for 80 volunteers.  Need call for volunteers on website (already linked).  4 grants in works. Gordon R says Telluride foundation agrees to fund $5k possibly more in calendar year 2015. Hoping to hear from Anschutz by May 15- requested $10k - shoe in for $5k.  Greg Mazu recommends speaking to Kirsten at State Parks – they have some ongoing trail plans of some sort. People for bikes - end of May. Wells Fargo $5k, end of June deadline for application.  Pursuing Alpine Bank opportunity. SW Youth Corp lined up for early June, 2 weeks.  Americorp coming for 8 weeks if we can fund supervision - need about $10k. This BLM supervision is required for work to proceed.  $1K/week, full time, one person (Scott Vanderplatz BLM).
Fundraiser Saturday night 3/15 at Sherbino theater - beer from Colorado Boy, proceeds to RAT.  Glenda the Blenda is disbanding and giving the bike blender to RAT.
Tool Trailer; possible DT contribution - Amy will follow up with Chip at DT regarding status of possible trailer donation.
Ed Hines – New Belgium Sales West Slope; Chris M moves to appoint Ed to RAT chapter committee, Bill 2nds, passes 7-0.
Chris M moves to use $2k of the general fund for supervision of SW Youth Corp - to be repaid with first funding rec’d. Kris 2nd. Passed 7-0
West End Chapter report:  Paul K not in attendance – he provided summary of activities prior to meeting, appended separately.
Tour de Bloom:  6 entered to date. Application requested - thinks 4 in his party. Per Rod, Randy Acker is coming bringing his daughters. Whit Smith says 5 guys. Need at least 15 or price rises.  Need application and insurance.
25th Anniversary Celebration: Planning for June 14th at Edgewater in GHJ. Board prelim budgeted (prior mtg) $2500.  Committee met with Edgwater rep to discuss.  Edgewater will have facilities available (sound, porta-potties, etc – included in cost of event).  Plan is to provide two beer coupons to COPMOBA members, and small food provision.  Participants purchase further as needed at the event.   Music options discussed, considering 4-8 PM.  Kris is point of contact with Edgewater.  Planning continues.
Coordinator Report: Database has been upgraded.  Assigned members to chapters. Thanks to Randy Miller for DB assistance.  Discussed member subscription model at recent GV chapter meeting (ongoing payment plan) - Amy will pursue & report to board.  Honey Stinger will become a member (part cash, part in kind). Amy is updating business membership guidelines.  Roughly 130-140 members.  Bill wants a list of expired members.  Amy will work on automating business membership renewal notifications. Amy will ask Nattana about updated board member magnetic name tags.  Discussion RE material donations (recurring discussion as to how to approach these).  Plan to move ahead with documenting donations formally, establishing value, etc.  RAT has a document which they’ve used for this purpose - Bill L will generalize their form and send it to Amy for distribution to all chapters.  We’ll need to perform some trailing on a process to standardize.
Next meeting to be arranged via email & taken over Skype.
Meeting adjourned 9:15.
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