Board Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2015 Board Minutes

August 5, 2015
Board Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2015
9am, DOWL, Montrose, CO
Call to Order by Scott Winans at 9:20
Attendees: Scott Winans, Chris Davis, Kris Cox, Rod Fitzhugh, Kristina Kittelson, Chris Muhr, Steven Barnes, Bill Lindler, Paul Koski, Laurie Brandt, Renata Raziano, Clark Reeves.
Approval of minutes from 11/5/14 board meeting.  Motion by Rod, seconded by Paul.  Unanimous approval.
Chapter Reports (limit 45 min each)
  1. DAMBikers (Chris Davis) – Focus on Smith Mtn to develop non-motorized ST and more moderate riding.  Waiting for TMP for GGNCA.  They recently met with Edd Franz in Dec.  They will focus on fund raising and will have their meeting in Feb.  They will work on the County Line Trails (new singletrack).  Lower Sawmill Mesa – SRMA in Dominguez Canyon.  Uncompahgre Trail Bash (July 11-12) will be led by Ace Brown.  Need to follow-up on Region 10 economic development (tourism).
  2. Grand Valley Canyons (Kris Quick read more or view full article Cox) – New trails on Grand Mesa and 3 Sisters in 2014.  2015 Plans: Mesa Top Trail needs a little more linkage trail work and then Grand Opening bash is being planned.  Kokopelli Trail - Wrangler extension may need more NEPA or realignment work.  Steve Loop is flagged and 2 trails off of Front Side/Mack Ridge.  VOC rock work needed.  March 28 VOC rock work training.  Lunch Loops – 3 Sisters trail work (April 11?), Bookends plan this year and build 2016, North Fruita Desert – Sarlaac Extension to tie into the Edge, drainage by Joe’s Ridge, Gunnison Bluffs – subgroup to work on non-motorized trail with 2015 planning.  March 26 planning meeting to get work days on the calendar.  Have Trail Stewards identify problem areas that need maintenance.  Next meeting (Mar 11) is an open house that will include CMU Outdoor Program.  They have equipment for rent.  We want to have display maps.  Do we want to approve money spent for education on producing consistent maps for our riding areas for presentation purposes?  Kristina will talk with John Hodge about what it would cost to develop these kinds of maps.  We will all get maps to Kristina for our areas.  Clean Canteen cups for $4 (Steve).  Sell donated beer for $15 and split proceeds between COPMOBA and Outdoor Program.
  3. RAT (Rod Fitzhugh) – Long Term vision is for 50 miles of sustainable trails and included Ridgway State Park, Fisher Canyon, McKenzie Butte, Mt. Baldy.  Bill, Steve, Sara, Rod, John Hurlbert were nominated to be on committee.  Rod moved for approval, Chris Muhr seconded and all approved.  VOC June 27-28 (80 people), SWCC for 8 weeks, AmeriCorps possibly.  Waiting to hear about their $200K grant.  Scott V is $1,000 per week for supervision on BLM property.  They spent $7K on grant writing.  March 21 fundraising event at the Sherbino (Brian and Steve) with beer, music.  Sept 12 Ridgway Fall Festival.  Bill Lindler gave a ppt presentation about their activities and vision.
  4. Uncompahgre (Laurie Brandt) – The Unc Chapter voted on Laurie as chairperson, Ali Plantz, Dan Arnold, Garry Baker, Renata, Bill Harris, and Donnie Watson.  Chris Muhr made motion, Kris Cox seconded and all approved.  Garry Baker is the Trail Planning Subcommittee lead and Renata Raziano is the Fund Raising Subcommittee leas.  Chapter rep’s met with Julie Jackson (BLM) and she would like an MOU for our 5-year trail plan.  The Trail Planning Committee has identified 5 areas for concentrated, stacked loop trail systems on BLM land plus those on City of Montrose land: 1.) Spring Canyon/Buzzard Gulch; 2.) Linscott Canyon/Hwy 90; 3.) Dry Creek/Tabeguache Trail; 4.) GGNCA/Sidewinder; 5.) Jones Canyon/West Black Canyon; and 6.) River Bottom Park bike park and Cerro Summit (City lands).  See printed handout for more details.  Uncompahgre Bash July 11-12 lead by Ace Brown of DAMB.  We also want to do a spring ride/event in conjunction with DAMB on Sidewinder.  Our first fund raiser is Jan 29th at 2 Rascals Brewery and we are showing the movie “Seasons” along with a ppt of our trails vision.  There will be a silent auction and it is a tap night for fund raising.
  5. West End (Paul Koski) – West End Bike Alliance (WEBA) had 11 people at the recent meeting.  15 paid members including 2 San Miguel County commissioners.  They discuss becoming a COPMOBA chapter.  Paul posts on MTB project using Global Mapper (Tony Adkins).  Paradox Trail, Y11, Red Canyon loop are in MTB project.  20 Year anniversary of Paradox Trail to be centered at the ball fields in Uravan.  Timed Hillclimb up John Brown canyon.  Julie Jackson (BLM) wants an MOU for maintenance.  Paradox Trail re-route will likely get approval this year.  Two huts area planned for the San Juan Huts system along Paradox Trail.  Glencoe Bench is main focus for trail maintenance.  Paul applied for CDOT bike map trail editor for his area.  Must apply through a government agency.  West End Tour was discussed as an event to bring recognition to the Paradox Trail.
Coordinator Update (Kristina Kittelson) – See her separate notes.  We have 185 members, including businesses.  KK will send info to us the agenda of Colorado Bicycle Summit.  MOG Fest April (April 25), which is same weekend as Fat Tire Festival (23-26).  This conflicts with pancake breakfast.  We need to be at both.  Website – created by Thin Air.  KK wants a Word Press website, but she’s working with Mark to update our site.  Featured ride for each chapter. 
Treasurer Report (Clark Reeves) – We spent $13K more than we took in.  Trail construction cost us $34,391, which is 45% of total.  See expense report provided by Clark.  Clark needs a budget from each chapter.  Discussion about how funds are allocated for GJ projects.  Just under $40K in unrestricted funds.  Steve moved that we keep $1,000 in PayPal, Rod seconded, all approved.  Scott asked Clark to put together a format for accounting for the 10% overhead sent to all chapters by the end of the month.
Agenda Items
Membership Management – see handout produced by the committee.
Proposed items:
  1. Unanimously approved paying for Little Green Light for member management.
  2. Unanimously approved membership season starting in March with a party.
  3. Approved.  Scott wants a quote for printing costs.  We also voted to have a generic business card for Board members.  QR code donation on back.
  4. We need to develop a connection between member’s dollars to a value.
  5. Membership levels.  Don’t include any goods with memberships.  $30 individual not $25 and add $_____ other.  Approved.
  6. Business Members.  Levels: $250 member, $500 member gets small logo on trailer, $1,000 member gets larger logo on trailer, $2,500 member gets large logo and logo on sponsor board at events, and $________ other.  Approved. 
  7. How are donors recognized?  How about in-kind donations?  Do they want recognized?  KK will come up with list of ideas for donors vs. members by March 1st
  8. 1% for Trails – list of business on website and door sticker.  We agreed it should not be tied to business membership.
  9. Membership and sponsorship are not the same.  Sponsorship is for an event and does not indicate membership.  Grants are neither membership not sponsorship.  Let’s list grants from various sources on our website, like REI and Colorado Parks & Wildlife.
1% for Trails – see handout
  1. Add statement that no business membership is included in participation of program.
  2. Both artwork will be improved for visibility by March 1st.
  3. Stephen suggested putting a 1% logo next to the participating business members.
  4. An agreement form should be signed by business and rep. of COPMOBA.
  5. Scott will do a write-up on the procedures for implementing the program.
  6. What about non-retail businesses?  Add to next meeting.
Website – our website needs a new look and better platform.  It needs to highlight our chapters, events, meetings, etc.  We want people to donate and get involved!  Need more trail resource information and more complete maps.  Connect email, FB and website better.  KK needs to know from each chapter what we want on our page.  We are to review and get back to her in a week.
2015 Tour de Bloom – $650 cost to participants ($xxx cost guests and $yyy staff) with cap of 28-30 riders.  All approved.  Whit Smith (decisions, leadership), Jim Ellis, Russ Folger (lead rider), Laurie B, Rod, Jim Maggio, Dan Antonelli are all available to be involved this year.  Bryce can work with Bill to do event tasks.  Marketing needed are poster (Nattana) and other social media and website.  Steve will help KK with marketing.  Pat Page will throw a kickoff party and band, $2,000 to fund 4 scholarships to build trails, and $1,000 entry.  Chris Muhr and Jen will help with collecting donations. 
Bylaws – Rod will provide language to allow local committees to make decisions electronically.  Also, strike “map coordinator” out of the bylaws.  Address needs to be changed from Amy’s.  Clark is the registered agent he can be the physical address with the state and in the bylaws.  Paperwork will need to be filed with the State.  Two typos indicated by KK.  Local committee members need to be COPMOBA members.  We will approve via email after Rod completes changes within a week.
Nomination of Officers – Scott would like us to form a 3-person finance committee of board members to be financial oversight of COPMOBA.  Clark will talk with Colleen about this.  Laurie will talk with Daniel Arnold about Dalby-Wendland reviewing our books.  All current officers were re-elected unanimously.
Coordinator as voting board member was not approved.  The board should be separate from a paid staff.
Organizational Interface – This is to organize email threads and for storing documents so they are easily accessible.  Bill Lindler, KK and Scott will work on this together.  They will also address the remote meetings.
Information Sharing amongst Chapters – Chapter resource toolkit.  How to get trails built, how to work with land managers, getting grants, etc.  KK will make a list of sections in this folder.  City of Fruita previously offered office space.  Membership/outreach, fund raising/events, trail planning.
Adjourned at 5:30.  Next meeting for some time in week of April 6 - KK to create doodle poll.
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