Board Meeting Minutes

July 18th, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2016
Paul Koski, Dan Antonelli, Renata Raziano, Gary Baker, Tim Gallegos, Scott Shisihm (;), Tracy McCurdy (, Sven Edstrom, Scott Winans, Stephen Barnes, John Howe, Kristina Kittelson, Bill Harris, Clark Rieves
Scott asked the Board to review the minutes from the last previous Board Meeting.  Paul noted one change: The West End Chapter had 9 participants at the West End Hill Climb, not 90.
On motion made and seconded to approve the minutes  with the noted change, the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes
Renata: Please see her written report, incorporated here by reference.
Paul: Please see his written report, attached hereto and made a part hereof Paul plans to retire from the Board – JB Stewart may come in Quick read more or view full article – he wants a Ute Creek Downhill
John – Please see his written report, incorporated here by reference. Mack Ridge is a big project; the chapter performed Maintenance at Flowing park last week; BLM makes mistakes – BLM failed to obtain proper clearances for a new trail which BLM had allow COPMOBA to, creating some problems.
Sven – Please see his written report, incorporated here by reference.
Rod – Please see his written report, incorporated here by reference.
Rod moved the board to accept 5 new local committee members (Sundra Hines, Jasmine Oeink, Brian Hoefling, Kris Noel and John Hulburd) voted in by the local chapter on July 13th, and to amend the Company Bylaws to allow local committees to have up to 10 members; a second of the motion and discussion followed concerning benefits of having additional local committee persons.  The motion passed by unanimous vote
Bill harris: DENCA RMP will call for some single track trail
Clark - Please refer to the financials submitted by Clark to the board, incorporated here by reference.
Rod noted discrepancies between Clark’s Ridgway numbers and his own.  Rod and Clark will resolve this via email and, if necessary, phone.  The Company needs to file IRS form 990 for 2015 – it requires a conflict of interest policy for IRS compliance - John will pull together standard IRS language and put it on the Board group page for review, discussion and vote, then all board members must sign it, or the Board will need to consider waiver of any conflicts noted.
A discussion followed concerning the need to keep track of hours per month each board member devotes to company business.  Various members estimated their own time spent on COPMOBA business. The Board reached consensus that 15 hours per month per member is a reasonable estimate. Clark will use that number.
Scott noted we don’t have time to discussion of the coordinator position.  He will circulate a summary of prior discussions and other info accumulated concerning this subject and we will try to resolve it via email vote. 
Kristina - Please see her written report, incorporated here by reference. 
We have 286 total members; 256 individuals and 29  business. This number excludes TDB riders
The Company has 1088 Facebook likes
Kristina encourages each chapter to organize a chapter fun ride at each chapter to generate interest and enthusiasm.
Kristina suggests a subcommittee meeting on Branding to include herself and Stephen and possible other Board members.
Kristina would like to focus some energy on membership and sales for trails
A discussion followed concerning Colorado Gives Day in December. The company has developed some information which Kristina will use to get COPMOBA involved in the program
A discussion followed concerning grant money available to expand our organization: Public Lands Every Day Foundation. Kristina plans to apply on behalf of the Company – She believes up to $10,000 could be available.
Rod reported that we are awaiting a Grant Agreement from CPW, which we will execute and return to the State. Then we will need wait for a signature from the Governor.  Ridgway has all contracts drafted and ready for signature for the RAT contractors. Renata confirmed the same for Montrose. Rod reported that we had a contract in hand by this time last year.  Paul noted that all 2016 CPW grant awards have been delayed. Rod commented that it may affect our ability to complete this year’s construction schedule
Scott noted we returned a revised budget for 2015 CPW funds to Amy Sharp today, and she will submit it to CPW
A detailed discussion ensued. Rod indicated RAT wants more trails on McKenzie Butte, which has not been designated as a Recreation Management Area in the RMP, despite many discussion with BLM about trails in that area.  He has learned from BLM UFO personal that CPW is creating a big impediment to trail development in that location and all over the state due to its intense focus on big game management - Scott suggest we jumpt a few rungs on the ladder in CPW – Several people commented CPW is just an advisory board, BLM can proceed without CPW approval; Scott will help get to CPW at the state level with contact info for upper-level CPW officials; we can try to by pass them with pressure on BLM from local business and government if we need to, but need to try and get them in the loop. Unc meets internally next Monday, July 25th, at 5:30 at Cascade Bikes to discuss comments to the RMP – mechanized and motorized are lumped together for the most part and that does not reflect reality;  we need to push for non-motorized trail
The discussion turned to getting Jumbo Mountain trails sanctioned and refined, with reference to the RMP. Tracy noted that West Slope Conservation Center wants special rec management designation for Jumbo and to change the current direction in the area; we need more special rec management as suggested in RMP Alt B and B1; Rod suggests that Ridgway, Unc, Delta and Nucla chapters could incorporate North Fork comments with our local chapter comments.  Several people noted that the RMP Alternatives B and D (BLM Preferred) designate Jumbo Mountain as a Special Recreation Management Area.  [not discussed at the meeting, but Rod reviewed RMP post meeting and refers Delta and North Fork people to Appendix J, which mentions Jumbo as SRMA in the preferred alt, with Mt.Biking as one of the target activities] North Fork people note access problems through private subdivision but that county roads touch the subject property in other areas.  The Board urged NF people to focus not on the access dispute, but on getting business, government and other community members to submit written  comments to BLM in favor of Alternatives B and D (BLM preferred), specifically because development of Mt. Bike recreation in the North Fork will help support the local economy in a very strong way. Once the BLM locks in Jumbo as an SRMA, they will be obligated to develop the recreational opportunities there, including biking.  The Board urged North Fork to be patient, take  the process one step at a time, with SRMA designation as indicated in Alternatives B and D the most immediate task. Load the BLM with positive comments on that outcome.  COPMOBA can provide economic impact stats for NF and Delta to use in comments to BLM RMP.  Several Board members urged the North Fork group to join the DAMB chapter of COPMOBA to take advantage of the leverage the Company has with BLM state-wide, rather than work as an isolate, unincorporated association.
Rod – suggested we each chapter submit it’s own comments to the other local chapters for vetting before submission to BLM on RMP, to promote consistency.
John notes that an indemnity agreement between the City of GJ and the Company concerning pump track liability provides only limited protection, if any.  He suggests we get it insured as we did with the RAT pump track now under development.  John will take the lead with our insurance carrier.
The track is in place but will need ongoing maintenance and refinement continuously in the immediate future.  Sara Ballantyne has taken the lead locally to get that done and will organize a weekly work session.
The Palisade Plunge and Riverfront at Palisade made the Governors list of 16 trails for 2016 list. The Governor wants this made a priority (trail recreation for economic development purposes). He has appointed  a state director; we need to get to that director to lean on CPW.  Need the governor to lean on CPW. Scott will get relevant contact info out to the other board members
Please refer to the email circulated by Scott and provide any relevant comment via the Google Group.
Cascade has not gotten on board; The Board discussed getting Chris Davis at Bicycle Outfitters involved.  We ran short on time and will continue discussion at the next meeting
We will meet again on October 17th in Ridgway. Stephen will talk to town about using their facilities for a meeting
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