A Brief History of COPMOBA Accomplishments


  • Built, developed, mapped and opened 138 mile Kokopelli's Trail
  • Developed Kokopelli's first loop - Marys Loop
  • Built, developed, mapped and opened 142 mile Tabeguache Trail. (Montrose-GJ)
  • Developed Kokopelli's second loop - Lions Loop
  • Organized western Colorado's first ”fall colors” mountain bike tour - Tour de Gold
  • Initiated annual maintenence of singletrack on the Uncompahgre Plateau
  • Began cooperation with the BLM to maintain many ”local favorite” trails in Grand Junction
  • Provided mountain bike use information for the Grand Mesa Travel Plan Revision
  • Published Montrose's first mountain bike trail map
  • Developed, mapped and opened 100 mile Paradox Trail, completing the final link of the region's Grand Loop of mountain biking
  • Developed and mapped Kokopelli's Troybuilt Loop
  • Built and mapped Horsethief Bench Trail
  • Represented mountain biker's interests in the BLM's bangs Canyon Group that recommended management for the popular Bangs Canyon, Little Park, and Lunch Loop areas near Grand Junction
  • Represented mountain bikers interests during the Uncompahgre National Forest Travel Plan revision - strongly supporting the preservation of single track
  • Continued a mountain bike tour tradition with the Tour de Bloom on Kokopelli's Trail
1999 - 2000
  • Key Participant in the Grand Valley Bike Summit
  • Sponsored the Grand Valley's first IMBA Trail Care Crew visit
  • Sponsored the first IMBA Trail Building School in the region
  • Built the Mack Ridge and Moore Fun trails
  • Spearheaded the construction of the Dry Creek bridge along Tabeguache Trail
  • Rustlers Loop construction started
  • Opposed the closure of Pollack Bench Trail
  • Mack Ridge Trail extension completed
  • Built Curt's Lane Trail
  • Rustler's Loop opened
  • Participated in North Fruita Desert and Colorado Canyons NCA planning processes
  • Sponsored the second IMBA Trail Care Crew visit
  • Completed improvements on Eagle's Tail in Lunch Loop trail system
  • Organized the first Wild West End Tour along the Paradox Trail
  • Participated in Gunnison Gorge NCA planning process
  • Built the Holy Cross re-route to prevent permanent closure of the trail
  • Sent 10 members to a Volunteers of Colorado trail building course to train trail crew leaders
  • Started a Trail Adoption Program for the mtb trails in the northern district of the Uncompahgre Plateau
  • Worked with the City of Grand Junction to protect Curt's Lane trail at the lunch loop area from a private development proposal
  • Built stage one of the Flowing Park Trail
  • Completed a major 32 mile re-route of the Paradox Trail
  • Organized the first annual Dry Creek Canyon Challenge event
  • Helped build stage one of the Pet-e-Kes Trail
  • Increased communication of COPMOBA news and events with the new COPMOBA e-newsletter
  • Continued work on Flowing Park Trail
  • Endorsed preservation efforts for roadless areas
  • Developed policy to address potential impacts on trails by oil and gas exploration, and by private land development
  • Spearheaded development of the Free Lunch trail in Grand Junction: the first officially sanctioned, purpose built freeride trail on BLM lands
  • Participated in the Ridgway, Dry Creek, and Bangs Canyon trail development processes
  • Worked with BLM and Ridgway State Park to get initial Scope of Work for RAT funded
  • Completed Wrangler Trail at the Kokopelli Loops
  • Celebrated the 20th year of building, maintaining, and riding awesome trails on the western slope
  • Inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
  • Completed Flowing Park Trail on the Grand Mesa
  • Participated in the BLM Recreation Management Process for the Grand Junction recreation area
  • Worked with Hilltop Experiential learning program to build Kid's Meal at the Lunch Loop/Tabeguache Trail head
  • Moore Fun re-route
  • Construction support for Sidewinder Trail in the Gunnison Gorge NCA
  • Worked with BLM to establish Palisade Rim Trail
  • Voted "Volunteer Organization of the Year" - Colorado Bureau of Land Management
  • Recipient The Take Pride in America National Award
  • Recipient of an REI $10,000 grant to start the Lunch Loop Bike Park
  • Completed the Lunch Loop Bike Park
  • Started work on the Mesa Top Trail/Grand Mesa(a connector from Hwy 65 to Flowing Park)
  • Held the first COPMOBA Bike Swap fundraiser
  • Created trailhead tear-off maps for both Kokopelli and the Lunch Loop


  • Uncompahgre Chapter began work on the Buzzard Gulch Trail System on BLM land near Montrose


  • Completed Mack Ridge Connector
  • Started COPMOBA/RAT Chapter in Ridgwau: RAT built 2.5 miles of new trail adjacent to Weaver park
  • Started Grand Valley Canyons Capter in the Grand Valley
  • Completed PBR in the North Fruita Desert
  • Collaborated with Mesa Land Trust and the City of Grand Junction to help purchase the Three Sisters Property
  • Started building trails on the Three Sisters property
  • Uncompahgre Chapter performed major cleanup of old dump site at Buzzard Gulch
  • Mack Ridge Connector trail completed


  • Completed MoJoe in the North Fruita Desert
  • Completed first 2 loops on the Three Sisters
  • Uncompahgre Chapter started working with the City of Montrose to create a trail development plan for the Cerro Summit recreation area
  • Uncompahgre Chapter completed Rusty Buckets, and Broken Antler trails on the Buzzard Gulch Trail system
  • Sarlacc and Mojo in North Fruita Desert
  • Three Sisters trails, Hop, Skip and Jump, Yes n Dee Dee, Big Sister completed
  • Palisade Rim Trail completed
  • Completed Vulture Rim Trail on Buzzard Gulch Trail System
  • Mesa Top Trail on Grand Mesa completed
  • Time Machine Trail at Lunch Loop completed


  • Curts Lane UP, Curts Lane Down completed
  • Nor’Easter Trail Completed at Lunch Loop
  • Completed Cerro Summit Trails project


  • BookEnds Short Track and Hand Crank Cycle course completed


  • Collaboration with the City of Fruita and the BLM on the North Fruita Desert Plan
  • Ongoing maintenance projects for all MTB trails in the area

COPMOBA has also sponsored over 200 trail maintenance work days throughout the region since 1991!

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