Open House for Development of the Uncompahgre Singletrack

March 6, 2017
Contact: Amy Sharp, Sparrow Trails, LLC, (970) 596-2037,

COPMOBA to Host Open House for Development of the Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan

MONTROSE – The Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc. (COPMOBA) is a member- supported, non-profit, 501c3 non-profit organization of volunteer mountain bikers dedicated to advocating for, building, and maintaining sustainable singletrack mountain bike trails on the Colorado Plateau in Western Colorado. COPMOBA has been dedicated to this mission for over 28 years and has
5 chapters in Western Colorado.

COPMOBA will host an open house from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Thursday, April 6, 2017, in the Centennial Meeting Room adjacent to City Hall, 433 South 1st Street (accessed via Centennial Plaza), in Montrose, to discuss and take comments on a proposed multi-use, non-motorized trail system to be located west of Montrose in the BLM Dry Creek Travel Management Planning area.

The Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan is a Quick read more or view full article conceptual trail plan for approximately 27 miles of new non- motorized single-track trail located west of Montrose on BLM land. The area of development will expand on trails in the Buzzard Gulch, Spring Creek, and Linscott Canyon areas. The proposed trails would enhance access to public lands by constructing new multi-use trails, open to hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian uses. The trails would improve non-motorized recreational opportunities in Montrose County.

COPMOBA received a Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Non-Motorized Trail Planning Grant for development of the Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan. The CPW grant is funding an open house/public meeting, professional trail layout - completed by Sweet and Sustainable Singletrack, and the final Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan - completed by Sparrow Trails. When completed, COPMOBA will present the Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan to the BLM for consideration. BLM will complete the necessary environmental assessment, including all necessary public scoping, and biological and cultural surveys. This open house, hosted by COPMOBA, is intended to solicit feedback from the public and identify issues, concerns, or alternatives that should be addressed in our proposal. This is not the official public scoping process, which will be held by BLM.

Further information about the project including the conceptual Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan, maps, and comment forms are available online at

Written comments are due Monday, May 8, 2017. Send comments to our Project Manager, Sparrow Trails, Attn: Amy Sharp, PO Box 5027, Alamogordo, NM 88311. Please be sure to indicate your letter is in response to the “Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan”. Comments may also be submitted electronically to Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. Read Less
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Uncompahgre Chapter 2016 Annual Report

December 19, 2016
The Uncompahgre Chapter has had a BUSY 2016. Click on the image below to read the full report. 

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Uncompahgre Chapter Comments on BLM Uncompahgre Field Office Draft RMP

October 30, 2016
BLM Uncompahgre Field Office Draft Resource Managment Plan Comments from the Uncompahger Chapter - COPMOBA
I am writing on behalf of the Uncompahgre Chapter of the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association to comment on the proposed Uncompahgre Field Office Resource Management Plan. Non-motorized recreation is currently underrepresented in the BLM lands surrounding Montrose, and we support the designation of more non-motorized SRMAs to prioritize the development of more non-motorized trail systems.
  1. Kinikin Hills ERMA: we would prefer that the Kinikin Hills parcel be designated an Special Recration Management Area (SRMA) and RMZ2 be designated for non-motorized trail development.It has terrain that is suitable for mountain bike trails and a multi-loop system here would provide trails for all levels of riders. It is particularly valuable given its quick access from the town of Montrose as well as from Highway 550. Ideally, a non-motorized trail system here could be Quick read more or view full article accessed from a trailhead off of Uncompahgre Road. With a long riding season, easy access from town and a major highway, a non-motorized trail system here would serve Montrose residents and visitors alike.
  2. In the proposed Dry Creek SRMA we support the preferred alternative D for RMZ4 (Linscott Canyon/Hwy 90), which designates it as an area for priority development of non-motorized singletrack. A trailhead with substantial parking, restrooms and camping is currently being proposed by Montrose County as part of the Rim Rocker Trail project. In addition to serving OHVs setting out on the Rim Rocker trail, the trailhead facilities will provide a staging area for mountain bike races and events. A ~10 mile trail system with a long loop suitable for racing will provide a unique venue for mountain bike events that currently does not exist in Montrose, Delta or Ouray County. Mountain bike races and events held at this site would provide an economic benefit to Montrose County and bring visitors from Colorado and surrounding states. A race venue here would also benefit the local high school mountain bike race team and could host state-wide high school races that would bring racers and their families to Montrose for several days.
  3. In the Spring Creek SRMA we would prefer that RMZ3 include non-motorized singletrack as an additional focus. Non-motorized trail development in this parcel could connect the Buzzard Gulch trail system with the newly constructed Spring Canyon Connectors and Spring Canyon trail. This would create a challenging, completely non-motorized, loop ride for more adventurous riders. Currently, mountain bikers most frequently access the trails in Spring Canyon by driving or riding on Dave Wood Road; replacing road use with a singletrack trail would greatly enhance the experience for non-motorized users.
  4. Also in the Spring Creek SRMA, we support the designation of the Buzzard Gulch trail system as a non-motorized RMZ (RMZ1 Alternative D). The current Buzzard Gulch provides beginner and intermediate mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians with a quality singletrack experience close to town. Further development of the trail system with a small loop suitable for young children with parents and a more challenging trail for advanced riders would provide riding for all ability levels and families.
  5. Finally, we are concerned that the Lands with Wilderness Characteristics designation in Dry Creek includes the Coyote Ridge and Coyote Cutoff trails. In the preferred Alternative D, these trails would no longer be open to mountain bikes. These trails are valuable to the mountain bike community and should stay open to mechanized use. They are two of the trails in the Dry Creek area that are most enjoyable for mountain bikers due to their grades and trail design. They provide a challenge to intermediate and advanced riders and allow them to create longer rides in the Dry Creek area.
Despite a plethora of public land, favorable terrain and mild climate, Montrose has so far been unable to reap the economic rewards of non-motorized recreation. An historic focus on primarily motorized trails has left Montrose off the map as a destination for quiet trail users, and has left its citizens with few options for peaceful human-powered recreation. Designation of the above SRMAs by the BLM would prioritize non-motorized trail development and greatly benefit the Montrose area.
Renata Raziano
COPMOBA Board Member
Uncompahgre Chapter Chair  
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Uncompahgre Chapter Report 10/17/16

October 26, 2016
Uncompahgre Chapter Report
October 17, 2016
CPW Trail Planning Grant: Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan
  • Grant has been submitted
  • 50 miles of trail decreased to 27 miles with CPW input; Spring Canyon and South Buzzard areas identified as critical deer habitat.
  • All 27 miles have no objections from the District Wildlife Manager.
  • Some progress made with CPW. Pretty confident grant will be scored this time.
                                    Shavano/Linscott Canyon (Rim Rocker): close 5 miles, add 9.5 miles
                                    Spring Canyon: close 3.2 mile road, add 6 mile singletrack
                                    Buzzard: 2.5 miles new trail
                                    South Buzzard: a 7 mile new singletrack                
Shavano Valley Trailhead (Rim Rocker Trail) Project
  • Site plan completed by Dowl. County will submit it to the BLM in the next month or so
  • 151 car parking spots, 19 pull through RV slots
  • 6 improved camping sites (dispersed allowed as well)
  • 2 sets of bathrooms and trailheads (motorized and nonmotorized)
  • Trailhead kiosks, picnic tables, Quick read more or view full article grills
  • OHV training course and practice loop
  • 9.5 miles of new mtb trails (included in planning grant)
Lower Spring Creek Connectors (LSC to Spring Canyon Road)
  • North connector finished and open: 1.8 miles.
  • Carsonite signs in place. Gates/fencing not in place yet.
  • South connector to open the end of November.
UFO RMP Comments
  • Comment period extended to November 1st
  • Land with Wilderness Characteristics: Coyote Ridge and Cutoff trails
  • Will comment on the need for more nonmotorized trails, and would prefer to see Kinikin Hills ERMA be made a SRMA.
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Bill Harris & Ralph Files Receive "Key Citizens Award"!

January 26, 2016
Uncompahgre Chapter members, Bill Harris and Ralph Files, were presented with the “Key Citizen Award” at the January 19th Montrose City Council meeting in recognition of their outstanding contributions to making the Cerro Summit Recreation Area an all-season recreation facility by adding an extensive hiking and single-track mountain biking trail system. 

Mr. Harris and Mr. Files visited the Cerro Summit site with City staff in 2012 to evaluate its potential for trail development. Both individuals served a crucial role in the trail plan adoption, event organization, and volunteer coordination, and invested many hours of hard labor to make the vision for the site a reality. Last summer their dedication to the project paid off with the completion of a user-friendly trail system that features four miles of trails, orientation signs and a trailhead kiosk.

“The cornerstone to the nomination was in their overall project approach,” said Senior Planner Quick read more or view full article Garry Baker. “Bill and Ralph built a trail system not by asking the City to do the project, but by asking for a little assistance while they led the project themselves. Their significance to the Cerro project cannot be overstated. Without them, the Cerro Summit project would not have happened. Bill and Ralph have been trail builders and trial advocates for decades. They are true leaders and have made Montrose a better place.”

The Key Citizen Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to Montrose enhance the livability of the community in an extraordinary way, making Montrose a better place. Congratulations Bill and Ralph! Read Less
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