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The COPMOBA Sales For Trails Program is an opportunity for the business community to support the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association’s (COPMOBA) activities to build, maintain, and advocate for singletrack mountain bike trails on the Colorado Plateau in Western Colorado. The program is outlined below.
  • The purpose of the program is for businesses to donate 1% of gross proceeds to COPMOBA in support of the organization and its activities.
  • The 1% fee is attached to sales value at the time of checkout. This allows for easy accounting of funds at a time of reconciliation. Other methods can be considered.
  • All funds are donations to COPMOBA as a 501c3 non-profit organization.
  • Funds will be donated to the COPMOBA organization. There is no opportunity for the donating party to specify the use of the funds. Efforts will be made to apply proportionate funds towards projects in the area(s) of donation.
  • Donations are to be made on a quarterly basis, with an additional 30-day period for accounting.
  • All contributions at the retail sale level are voluntary, and this status is conveyed to the purchaser via several independent channels:
    • Posted flyers at visible areas of the premises.  Commonly this includes front window, bulletin board, and at point of sale.
    • Training of sales staff on the program to explain the process, the voluntary nature of the contribution, and the goals of the organization.
  • COPMOBA has created a window sticker and a flyer for use at participating businesses.
  • A participating business can cease participation in the program at any time by providing notice to COPMOBA and disbursing the balance of collected funds in the program to COPMOBA.
  • Participating in the COPMOBA Sales for Trails program will include recognition of the business via the inclusion of a logo and brief business description on a dedicated Sales for Trails section of the COPMOBA website, on regular e-mail distributions, and on business recognition board at all COPMOBA events.
  • Business Membership is separate and business membership benefits do not apply to this program. We encourage participating businesses to also become COPMOBA business members.

Singletrack mountain bike trails make a positive impact on communities by bolstering the local economy through tourism dollars and retail sales and improve the health of the community by helping people get outside and be active. COPMOBA is pleased to partner with businesses in support of singletrack!

If you would like more information on this program, email or call (970) 244-8877.

If you would like to particpate in this program, please fill out the form below.


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