Sneffles Chapter Update

August 8, 2012
The COPMOBA Sneffels Steering Committee met on August 6, 2012.  Several subjects were talked about during this meeting. 

According to the BLM the Ridgway scoping process is on track to be open for public comments in September.  The state park service is on track with their planning within Ridgway State Park.  Confirmation still has to come from the Bureau of Reclamation.
The chapter will look into professional construction costs for area trails, and determine if this  combined with volunteer efforts is the best way to go for the new trails.  Funding sources in the area will be looked into.

Fundraiser Planning
We will schedule a meeting early next winter of the general membership to plan for beer, food, auction and music for the 2013 RAT Fest.  We need more swag to make the auction more exciting, more food vendors and a high-profile band. 

Trail Work Days
We will do trail days every Thursday this month and into September to continue work on several aspects of the town park trails and River Sage trails, i.e.”
  • Repair and maintenance of river trail segment
  • Refinement of 4 – 5 switchbacks in River Sage to reduce erosion potential
  • Rebuild switchback on Northeast aspect of Weaver Park summit
  • Refine tread profile and outsloping on various sections of River Sage trail
  • Close/rehab redundant connector trail between Weaver Park and River Sage

Membership outreach plans are moving ahead in the area, and there are tentative plans to have a booth at the Telluride stop of the 2011 Pro Challenge on August 20th.

For more information about the Sneffles Chapter in Ridgway, please contact Rod Fitzhugh at fitzearl@me.com

Posted by Rod Fitzhugh
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