Uncompahgre Chapter – Fall 2012

October 17, 2012
Fall is upon us, so some great riding is certainly on the calendar.  With the recent rains, Buzzard Gulch near Montrose has been sweet.  More and more bike tracks are appearing there, and encounters with other trail users are increasing.  Please be courteous to all trail users.  Still no word from the BLM on construction of new Buzzard Gulch trails, but we’ve noticed ribbons placed on trees, marking new trail corridors.  Please refrain from following the ribbons – no brush has been cleared, and the cactus is certainly a deterrent.
We are now talking with the City of Montrose about building trails in the 110 acre Cerro Summit property.  The Parks Advisory Board seems very interested in the project, and will make a visit to the site later this fall to get a closer view of the area’s potential.
We have 3 new sponsors for our tool trailer.  Montrose Daily Press, Tread and Major Mortgage – Lynn Whipple have added their names to our trailer.  New text has been added to tell folks who we are and what we do.  Thanks to the new sponsors for their support. 
Don’t forget that one of the best canyon country rides is in our back door.  The Sidewinder Trail is in the Gunnison Gorge NCA -  22 miles of non-stop cranking.  It’s amazing how many riders from the area haven’t tried the trail.  Specifics about the trail can be found in the 2012 Montrose Cycling Guide available from the Montrose bike shops.
Posted by Bill Harris
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