Board Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2018
COPMOBA Quarterly Board Meeting
July 9th, 2018
Delta, CO
Attendance: Paul Koski, Scott Winans, John Howe, Renata Raziano, Stephen Barnes, Rod Fitzhugh, Jim Maggio, Dan Antonelli, Thad Smith, John B Stewart. Coordinator Tisha McCombs. 
Guests: Ace Brown (representing DAMB)
Missing: Ed Hines, Clark Rieves, Chris Muhr, Sven Edstrom
Meeting called to order @ 6:13pm
  • April meeting minutes approved with no changes
  • Chapter Reports: {additions to submitted report}
    • DAMB – 
      • See Chapter report submitted by Sven E
      • Ace broached concerns with getting the County Line Trails area signed by USFS. Having difficulty getting contact with proper people to address getting these signs completed. Scott W and Dan A will both reach out to local connections, and try to establish working relationship with new gal – Lacey(?)
    • Grand Valley – 
      • See Chapter Report submitted by John H
        • Kokopelli section of Riverfront Trail will have Grand Opening on Aug 9th. This will complete the Riverfront Trail from Grand Junction to Loma!!! A few sections remain to be completed between GJ and Palisade.
        • Dignitaries will then ride the newly completed section!!
    • Montrose – 
      • See Chapter Report submitted by Renata
        • Trail celebration at Cerro Summit was a great success!!!!
    • Ridgway – 
      • See Chapter report filed by Ed Hines
    • WETA – 
      • See Chapter report filed by Paul K
      • Several Planning Grants in process.
        • Awarded $9K from Telluride Foundation for a Master Trails planning grant.
  • Treasurer Report:
    • See Treasurer’s report filed by Clark
      • Coordinator’s Debit card access account had several over-draft’s recently.
      • Motion made and seconded to increase account balance to $1000. Approved.
  • Coordinator Report:
    • See Report filed by Tisha
    • Rides! Each chapter commit to doing at least one write-up per year. Please!
      • Tisha will re-send template to each chapter.
    • Encouraging outreach to get folks out on the trails!
    • Tisha to track funding opportunities on a 3-month rolling cycle, so we maintain visibility to all funding opportunities!
    • Scott proposed that we alter our financial tracking mechanism and to authorize Tisha to manage. Tisha would maintain daily financials and an outside group would review on quarterly basis, perform annuals tasks (990, etc)
      • Motion – to engage Dalby Wendland & Company to prepare our 990 (annual tax reporting) to review coordinator daily bookkeeping on a quarterly basis, in exchange for being listed as COPMOBA Partner. Seconded and passed.
      • 2ndMotion – Transfer responsibility from Treasurer’s position to coordinator position for daily and regular bookkeeping duties. Seconded and passed.
        • Plan is to have records transferred by Aug 1st, meet with each chapter and have transfer and reconciliation complete by Sept 1st.
    • Side note – review qualifications for “Partner” and “Business Membership”. Stephen to work with Tisha on this project.
    • Discussion regarding role of “Treasurer”.  With motions presented and approved, the day-to-day responsibilities of the Treasurer will be transferred to Coordinator. Treasurer will remain the one responsible for our fiscal responsibility, review monthly financials with coordinator to affirm correctness and work with accounting group on quarterly and annual reporting needs.
    • Tour de Bloom – Full report to come from Tisha via email
  • Insurance update – Current coverage as reviewed was renewed.
    • Second company has offered to review and propose alternative coverage that could save group significant funds. Tisha will manage this process and complete by Aug 15th.
  • Review By-Laws – John and Rod are currently reviewing all by-laws. Proposed changes will be posted to Google Groups by July 31st.
  • RMHF Grant submission – opportunity for a grant submission. However, deadline is very near and requires significant resources to write. MUT will review and may possibly put forth an application.
  • Treasurer resources -review accounting processes. Completed above as part of Coordinators report.
  • CPW update – 
    • Trails committee presentation
      • Helpful, however clear that CPW still maintains a very Front Range priority.
      • Quarterly CPW meeting to happen in Grand Junction Oct 25th/26th.
    • Follow up activities
      • How do we engage in conversation around generating fund sources for non-motorized trails? Trailhead fees, ‘green’ sticker program concept, all ideas welcome.
    • CPW Commission Mtg – meeting in Crested Butte – July 10th. Funding model to be principle topic of discussion. Scott W will attend, and board agreed that Scott should inform CPW that COPMOBA will support any reasonable, practical plan to create a recreation-specific tax and/or user fee concept, with purpose to help fund trail planning and construction, provided CPW develops a fair and transparent method for tracking it. 
  • Chris Muhr application for BLM SW RAC – garnered full support of board. Go Chris!
  • Steps for Board to support each chapter in coming months
    • RAT – assist with conversation with USFS regarding Dallas Trail. Put pressure on local USFS to at least make a go/no go decision for maintenance/re-route requests.
    • WETA – assistance with Picket Trail completion. Grant funding is available for completion, but BLM does not respond to requests for engagement.
    • DAMB – assistance with getting bodies on the ground to assist with trail work on current projects. Also, help getting a response to signage request at County Line Trails (as previously mentioned by Ace)
    • MUT – paying to get all our clearances completed. Renata will provide a $$ number.
    • GVC – too many irons in the fire to decide on a specific project.
  • Palisade Plunge update
    • Funding opportunity open – deadline by Aug 1st. Town of Palisade may not be able to get this completed. Final EA has been approved with release within next 30 days.
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates for 2018 – all at ~6:00pm
    • October 8th- Montrose
    • January 2019 – January 12th(Retreat) – TBD
Adjourned @ 8:43pm
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