Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2019
COPMOBA Quarterly Board Meeting
November 5th, 2018
Montrose, CO
Attendance: Scott Winans, John Howe, Renata Raziano, Stephen Barnes, Rod Fitzhugh, Jim Maggio, Dan Antonelli, Thad Smith, John B Stewart, Ed Hines, Sven Edstrom. Coordinator Tisha McCombs. 
Guests: Bill Harris, Edd Franz, Laurie Brandt, Garry Baker
Missing: Clark Rieves, Paul Koski
Meeting called to order @ 6:08pm
  • July meeting minutes approved with no changes
  • Chapter Reports: {additions to submitted report}
    • DAMB – 
      • See Chapter report submitted by Sven E
    • Grand Valley – 
      • See Chapter Report submitted by John H
    • Montrose – 
      • See Chapter Report submitted by Renata
    • Ridgway – 
      • See Chapter report filed by Ed Hines
    • WETA – 
      • See Chapter report filed by Paul K
  • Treasurer Report:
    • See Treasurer’s report filed by Clark
      • DAMB, WETA & MUT all reconciled.
      • Tisha will work with RAT and GVC to complete those reconciliations. 
  • Coordinator Report:
    • See Report filed by Tisha
    • Rides reports! – discussed at EVERY meeting, and still not getting any. Tisha proposes a new approach. Tisha will personally ride and write up a report as she travels to the chapters. Once healed!!
    • Outside Accounting firm – Dalby has been retained to handle all reporting, as well as checking in on Tisha’s work. Clark will continue to complete and monitor monthly reports/periodic overview.
    • Tour de Bloom final numbers. Coming soon.
    • Grant database. Tisha has been gathering continuously and will disperse as appropriate.
    • Tents look great!
    • Website – Tisha working on ideas for re-design. Still working with Thin Air (donates their services) on these updates but moving slowly. Tisha suggests we consider paying a site designer to be a bit more responsive and help increase actual functionality and improve visual appeal. Tisha will create some options, with potential associated costs.
    • Colorado Gives Day (to be Dec 4th) – John Howe suggests we create a “Board Member Appeal”. Has been a successful fund-raising effort in past years for some of his prior volunteer commitments. Tisha will send instructions for us to engage individually within the next week.
    • Power the Plunge update - $58,000+ so far raised to date.
  • Board actions to assist individual chapters – 
    • MUT funding - $5K contribution towards clearances. Will confirm with BLM that CPW approval for combining efforts is OK, but not likely to happen this year, so table request to 2019 for now.
  • Insurance Update – New quote for insurance that now includes all completed operations coverage.
    • New coverage likely to save $3000+ annually with same policy limits and coverage.
    • Current policy to expire April 14th, 2019, so still time to answer some remaining questions. The sooner we can confirm coverage needs and implement, may be option to get a small refund on current policy.
    • Discussion about potential need for completed operations coverage and in-depth comparison of current and new proposal. John H, Rod and Scott will undertake review and send recommendations by Dec 5th.
  • By-Laws Review – John reviewed and has posted to the COPMOBA Google group. Made changes in language to achieve consistency throughout to clean up. All board members should read through and be prepared to discuss and vote on approval at January meeting.
  • Volunteer Hour Tracking – 
    • Create a consistent system for keeping track of these hours at events and at trail work days. Crew leaders to keep track and submit hours. We need to do a better job of keeping track of a lot of hours of non-group work day hours, different types of work, whether it be administrative or digging in the dirt hours.
  • Tour de Bloom planning – 30thAnniversaryof event and of COPMOBA
    • Throw a big deal party. Combine efforts or keep them separate?
    • Birthday bash party for COPMOBA in GJ as kick-off of TdeB
    • Then also have a bigger event on final night of ride, as celebration of 30thfor TdeB also.
    • O’Dell’s also celebrating 30thAnniversary and has been beer sponsor over recent years.
      • Sub-committee to help set up – 
        • Rodney
        • Stephen
        • JB
        • Jim M
        • Tisha
    • Tisha to organize timeline and sub-committee.
  • DAMB request
    • DAMB approached by Delta Cty Econ Development
      • Seeking a letter of support from DAMB for a GOCO grant application, Confluence Park to Whitewater, where it connects to Old Spanish Trail (planning funding for 42 miles of Escalante Triangle Trails to be included).
      • Seeking $239K in total grant funding for planning (to get completed EA)
      • DAMB has contributed $5K. Additional $5K to come from COPMOBA. TBD on where those funds come from
        • Moved that COPMOBA allocate up to $10K from general fund to cover DAMB contribution to Dominquez – Escalante Trail System planning.
          • Second and carries unanimously.
  • CPW update – 
    • Trails committee visit to Grand Valley
      • Even though visit was to Grand Valley, chance to reinforce the entire scope of COPMOBA and all our chapters.
    • Key elements of visit - 
      • Maintenance. How do we plan for maintenance as part of our overall trails plan?
      • Most CPW regions represented, and a significant BLM contingent attended.
      • Partnerships with our local governments and businesses were well represented and had a great impression.
        • CPW has a better understanding of our scope and range of area and the economic impact to our chapters of all these trails was a highlight of the day.
      • Planning and maintenance are key components of future applications.
      • Overall a great day and left a better understanding for CPW on what COPMOBA does across the western slope.
    • CPW funding model for future trail initiatives. COPMOBA has been part of the conversations.
  • WETA met with Senator Bennet’s office regarding efforts the Senator could do to assist with helping alleviate the logjam of trails efforts. Telluride Foundation has offered to fund a salary for an additional rec planner in local BLM office if it could get approved by local BLM.
  • Upcoming Meeting Dates for 2018 – all at ~6:00pm
    • January 2019 – January 12th(Ridgway) – Ed H to organize.
      • All day annual retreat.
Adjourned @ 8:18pm
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