Western Rim

May 10, 2011
Westerm Rim is spectacular - we went last weekend and had a terrific ride. Great to ride at a good pace, as we did with a group of fast riders :)

Rabbit Valley exit, follow main/Kokopelli Trail back to 'Rabbit Valley camping area' (before McDonald Creek staging area). At the point where road takes a significant dive down a rocky technical bit - park at the top. It's 17'ish miles from here. *Note - you can also ride from the RV parking lot off the highway to get extra miles. The trail is 22'ish miles from here.

Trail #2 takes off to the right - take it. It intersects back with Koko trail at one point, stay on Trail #2. It intersects a 2nd time at a significant open area. Ride directly across Koko - in the direction Trail #2 spit you out - and descend a little Quick read more or view full article fun drop. Ride the sandy bits for short stretch. Do not take option to the right, keep going straight. The trail quickly descends - midway down you'll see a pinon tree and tracks lead to the right. You're on Western Rim! It's like Pollock Bench on steroids...

We ride it to the point where the trail take a straight climb stright up and turn around to retrace our ride, inc Trail #2 back to the car (a HOOT!). Or you can climb the hill and take a right on Koko Trail back to the intersection at Trail #2. Or you can take the Koko Trail back to the car or Take #2. Optons galore. But I'm tellin ya, the out & back rocks. Lotta fun. Wish I could join you! Read Less
Posted by Jen Taylor
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