Rustler's Loop

June 9, 2011
Rustler’s Loop is part of the Kokopelli system located off the Loma exit of I-70, four miles west of Fruita.  You may park in the large lot and have a little warm up on the road or there is a smaller parking lot over the hill just past the Mary’s Loop trail access.  To ride Rustler’s Loop, go through the metal gate and up to the left.  You may want to take time to read the kiosks and take a look at the map posted there.  It is recommended to ride the trail clockwise.  Riding the trail clockwise gives you the opportunity to read the signs and tips that are posted along the route. 
Rustler’s Loop was the first interpretive mountain bike trail in the United States that was designed with helpful tips for riders such as how to climb, descend, corner, ride over small obstacles and other suggestions to Quick read more or view full article enhance a rider’s experience.  There are also signs that address the flora, fauna and the geology of the area.
The loop itself is quite scenic in that you are on a small bench that will go along the Colorado River on the south part of the trail.  Here you can take a rest on some flat rocks and look at the river and the red rock cliffs on the opposite side.  If you are lucky you may see a bald eagle cruising above the river looking for a tasty fish.  There are also swallows and rock pigeons to observe here.  There are also lizards that dash across the trail when they wake up in the spring.  Sometimes you will surprise a cottontail rabbit and he may surprise you!
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Posted by Giselle Smith
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