Changes in the North Fruita desert

September 5, 2012
The BLM in conjunction with COPMOBA will be signing the North Fruita Desert (18 Rd) trail systems in the coming month.  The new signs will have an educational slant and will address the issue of directional travel on some trails.  The signs will be at the top and bottom of trails and will give the trail user a synopsis of what to expect, the desired direction of travel and admonish them to "Keep Single Track Single."  A big thanks to All Metals Welding for donating time and material for the signs.  We hope that this helps riders have a better experience in the North Fruita Desert by keeping traffic flowing in generally the same direction, and that more people will keep in mind that staying on the trail is the proper thing to do.

Points of interest for 2012 18 rd (NFD) camping.
Developed camping
  • $10 fee/site/night for 35 Quick read more or view full article developed sites began Sept 1, 2012
    • Campground fees will be used for maintenance, education and expansion of the current developed area, these include;
      • 60 additional developed campsites (fire rings, picnic tables, toilets)
      • educational and informational signage for trails and campground.
      • stock and clean toilets
  • Campground host site is currently being built for fall 2012 season
    • Host site is at top of campground.
    • Campground host will be on site in the spring and fall to answer questions, educate users, and ensure facilities are maintained.
  • Travel on the campground loop is now one way, counterclockwise.  This is for safety reasons.
  • All traffic that is not staying in the campground is requested to not drive through the campground.
 The 18 rd campground has seen exponential growth over the last several years.  This growth has resulted in resource damage that is degrading the area and the very experience that attracted people to the area originally.  Loss of ground vegetation has resulted in dustier conditions and the opportunity for invasive species to totally take over.  Careless campers ripping branches off both living and dead trees are not only creating an eye sore, it’s also decreasing the very limited amount of shade available for campers.  Campers riding from their site directly over to Kessel Run create safety concerns and tramples vegetation.  The BLM encourages the campers and trail users to stay involved in planning, in order to continue to create a unique experience.
There are no fees in effect for dispersed camping at this time.  Dispersed camping in the bowl across from the bottom trailhead has seen some of the worst overuse in the area these past couple years.  On multiple occasions this spring there were over 50 campsites with at least 500 campers in this one dispersed area.  Regulations that are posted as you come into the area will be enforced this year to ensure this area doesn’t become anymore of a dust bowl than it already has.  Two of the main regulations that campers should be aware of before coming to the area are; fire pans are required if you wish to have a fire, and a portable toilet system is also required. 
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Grand Valley Canyons Chapter Update

September 5, 2012
Our last meeting was held at Over the Edge Sports in Fruita and was attended by 20 members.  We had a good discussion on a marketing plan for COPMOBA and getting more VALUE from our organization and taking pride in belonging to COPMOBA.  It has also been suggested that we make a push for members to sign into events at least a week before the start of the event so we can make plans to have the appropriate amount of tools and food items for everybody.

The following question has been asked "Why was the Grand Valley Canyons Chapter formed and what purpose is it fulfilling?"  As taken out of the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Associations Bylaws- 'The purpose of a local chapter is to facilitate development and furtherance of COPMOBA goals, purposes and objectives within the community served by the local chapter'.  This Quick read more or view full article means we may develop, construct and maintain local trails, Conduct fundraising activities, Organize local group rides and other social events.
The local chapter was formed so that Grand Valley Area COPMOBA members have a voice in how trails are created.  Also so that membership in COPMOBA has more VALUE.  COME out to meetings to have a say in how the chapter is run and get more VALUE out of your membership!

The Following workdays and events are scheduled:

Sept.  15th and 16th - Mesa Top Trail.  This will be a work weekend on top of the Grand Mesa with cool temperatures and amongst the changing aspens.  We will meet at the Mesa Top Parking Lot off of HWY 65 and you have the choice to either drive or shuttle to the worksite.  If you come up late we will stage off the Flowing Park Road 109 and you can always hike in and join the crew.  We will be working both days and camping out on Saturday night.  The option is to ride or work on Sunday, your choice.  Bring up gloves, sturdy work shoes, lunch and clothing depending on weather.  COPMOBA will provide food and beverages for after work on Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast.  Please register in on the website.

Sept. 23-Kessel Run-NFD This will be a maintenance workday out at the NFD on Kessel Run to stop people from cutting corners.  We will be collecting rock to build barriers that direct traffic into the corners.   Meet Sunday 10:30 am at the main parking lot.   Bring gloves, lunch, and a wheelbarrow if you have one.  Bring your bike.  You will have an opportunity to ride after we work.  Please register on the website.
September 25th- GVC Chapter Meeting  Bicycle Outfitters 537 N. 1st St. Check out the new shop after the recent move.  Bring your own Chair and Beverage.  

Sept. 29th - Palisade Rim.  National Public Lands Day-We will be working on the Upper Rim and have about 6 sections that need rock work and some trail work that connects the upper and lower loops could use improvement (wider bench, gentler backslope).  GVCC has decided to try to get this work done in one day so we are looking for a large crew.  Please register on the website.

October 6th - Tabeguache/Lunch Loop  Three Sisters Workday and Take a Kid Mtn Biking Day.  We need crew leaders and trail crew for the 1st phase of Three Sisters. Please register on the website

October 20th-POKER RIDE  COPMOBA GVCC sponsored Poker Ride at Lunch Loops and at Rabbit Valley sponsored by Endolohics for the F-town GearDown Fest in Fruita .  Keep your calendars clear for this day.  We will need about 10 volunteers to work the event and plenty of people to ride.  Ride will cost $25 and start at 8am on 10/20.  Limited to the first 50 riders at each site.  Party will follow in Fruita in the evening.  COPMOBA will also have a booth at this event and will need people to work it both Friday Night and Saturday evening.  

If you would like to ride in this event instead of volunteer, the links to register are below. 
Brief Description of the Poker Ride

This is going to be fun!! Lunch Loops will be hosted by COPMOBA and Rabbit Valley will be hosted by the Endoholics. Test your riding skills, poker skills and cheating skills... because it is encouraged! Awesome prizes are up for grabs. What will you do when everyone has an ace up their sleeve??
Please register based on your technical riding ability. Lunch Loops is more technical than Rabbit Valley... remember, this is suppose to be fun!

Brief Description of The Monumental Challenge

Climb over 5200ft. in 64 miles!! Leave Fruita to climb up the West end of the monument entrance and turn around for a fun decent, traverse on South Camp Road to Little Park Road and climb to The Ribbon Trail head turn around for a fun decent back to Monument road where you will then climb the East entrance to the Colorado National Monument to turn around and decend back to South Camp Road and return to Fruita. We know its crazy! But, are you crazy enough to take this Monumental Challenge??

This is a all charity event put on by two area non-profits, Fruita Rotary and Family Health West. 25% of all proceeds will benefit local trail development.

Link to sign up for the MTN Bike portion of the Poker Ride http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=2057226
Link to sign up for the Fruita Rotary and Family Health West Monumental Challenge Road Ride  http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=2047214

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Uncompahgre Chapter Update

September 5, 2012
The Uncompahgre Chapter continues to pursue trail opportunities when they present themselves.  Earlier this year chapter members met with City of Montrose officials to visit the Cerro Summit area, east of Montrose.  The city owns 110 acres on the summit, and there has been some discussion about developing trails on the property.  A section of the old rail bed traverses the property and the area has been developed for winter recreation – mostly a sledding hill.  There is also some BLM property east of the City property that has some trail potential.  A proposal to develop a variety of trails including standard cross country trails and gravity fed trails with features is being developed.  COPMOBA will make a presentation to the City’s Parks Advisory Board on Sept. 26th regarding this project.
                Trail maintenance is planned for Cerise Park on Sunday, Oct. 14th.  Work on the pump track and mtn. Quick read more or view full article bike trails is planned.  COPMOBA will host the trail day, and provide pizza for volunteers after the trail work.  Wear sturdy footwear, and bring work gloves, snacks and water.  Meet at the picnic shelter next to Stocker Field off of Chipeta Drive at 8:30 AM.  Please contact Bill at trlgpa@skybeam.com if interested in helping with either of these projects. 
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