New COPMOBA Coordinator Announced!

September 18, 2014

Our search for a new coordinator for the organization is complete. The opening prompted interest by a wide array of very qualified and capable people, and we were fortunate to be able to work with so many great possibilities.

I'd like to introduce our new coordinator for COPMOBA - Kristina Kittelson. The board believes that Kristina will deftly provide the skills to support the organization today and aid in moving COPMOBA forward into new challenges. Kristina is passionate about mountain biking. A short introduction;

Kristina started mountain biking in 2001 and has been hooked on Grand Valley singletrack ever since. She has mountain biked all over the Western United Sates including Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California, and Oregon but thinks the best mountain bike trails are right here in our backyard. She is passionate about mountain biking and has been involved with COPMOBA since Quick read more or view full article 2002. She completed the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) Crew Leader training and was a member of the Grand Valley Mountain Bike Patrol. Kristina is the founder of the local women’s cycling group, Singletrack & Skinny Tire Sisters of Western Colorado. In February of this year, she created a trail conditions Facebook Page, Colorado Western Slope Trail Conditions, which currently has 799 followers. She helped coordinate this year’s 26th Annual Community Hospital Foundation Tour of the Valley charity bike ride, which benefits cycling organizations in the community, including COPMOBA. While in nursing school at Mesa State College, she raced for the Mesa cycling team and went to collegiate nationals in 2006. Kristina recently left the nursing profession after 8 years to focus on family and quality of life and to pursue a career that utilizes her passion for the outdoors, non-profit work, social media, and writing. In addition to being the new COPMBA Coordinator, she is the Membership Director for the Grand Mesa Nordic Council. She lives in Fruita with her husband, Brian, and their two cats, Puddie and Guy. 

Favorite Trail: Butterknife 

Why she is excited to be the next COPMOBA Coordinator: Mountain biking is exploding all over the Western Slope from Eagle, CO to Vernal, UT. COPMOBA will play a central role in trail development and advocacy in these areas and will help communities get more people out on mountain bikes! 

Please welcome Kristina in this new role. She will be involved across the organization, from membership efforts to activities in all of the chapter locations at times. We are excited to have her on board.

Welcome Kristina.

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