Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

November 24, 2015
Board Meeting Agenda
June 22, 2015
5:30 PM, 637 Belford, Grand Junction, CO
Call to Order Scott Winans
Offer for approval; minutes from 01-17-2015 meeting Scott Winans

Chapter Reports (15 min max each)
o Grand Valley Canyons Kris Cox
o RAT Rod Fitzhugh
o Uncompahgre Laurie Brandt
o West End Paul Koski
o DAMBikers Tim Gallegos
Treasurer Report (15 min) Clark Rieves
Coordinator Report (15 min); topics reviewed below Kristina Kittelson

Agenda Items
? Acknowledgment of Chris Davis resignation from board
o Tim Gallegos in attendance representing DAMB chapter
? Note: Laurie applying for seat to SW RAC - update as info available
? Presentation: trail mgmt system (15 min present & Q/A) Brent Hillier
? Mission Statement review: COPMOBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to building, maintaining and advocating for sustainable singletrack trail and developmental features on the Colorado Plateau.
o consider any need for revision
o consider our areas of emphasis and how they align with this mission
? Additional financial support person - i.e. long term transition to new treasurer, & add'l set of eyes on financials.
? Assistance agreements with BLM field offices; quick update, dual field office situation, reporting needs, etc.
? Financial Structure - further discussion
o subcommittee for business membership & participation; clarify/codify - members, partners, event support, etc.
o overall contributions to general fund; level, exemptions, financial tracking process
? Insurance - quick overview
? Materials sourcing
o coordinators role for organization-wide goods; establish baseline and board interface needs
o purchasing process standardization; guidelines @ chapter level
? Coordinator role review; expansion?, funding?, etc
? Brand ID Review & process; review & establish guidelines for subcommittee effort
? Adjourn 8:30pm
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