Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

June 22, 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2015
Meeting Minutes
COPMOBA BOD Meeting; 06-25-2015
? Meeting Call to Order 5:45 PM
? Minutes from last meeting approved unanimously

? See Chapter Reports; as recited; additions
o Kris Cox gives notice; stepping down at beginning of 2016 as chapter chair
o RAT rec'd REI grant funding; $8K for signage
o Uncompahgre hired Amy Sharp to apply for CPW planning grant; ~50 mi @ Buzzard Gulch
o Delta - TMP being revised for Smith Mtn area, delays occuring

? Treasurer Report; see summaries from Treas (Clark)
o Discussion RE event fundraising; how to divvy up costs
o Clark offline project; one person from each chapter, set proposal for how to handle softgoods, etc.
o Acct Bal; $125939, 11,636 Paypal
o Total income YTD $59835
o Expenses YTD $38205
o Clark email detailed report to all board members

? Trailforks program pesentation: via phone con
o 27K programs, 163K rides
o no cost to involve organization
o ability to vet submissions
o ability for donations to be made directly to COPMOBA via the interface
o N. America is the primary regional focus, but looking globally (avail now)
o User regional bias; Washington & Utah hot spots
o some clubs using this as memberships & trail adoption scheme
o get user stats from ride logs
o data avail to anyone
o in 2014, 2K logs sent to site
o Vol hours & trail submissions RE status
o Stats & trail reports available
o for contact
o COPMOBA is already associated with the site & some data - via user submission?

? Coordinator Report (Kristina); see separate summary. Add'l commnts
o Steve Barnes presented to Chambers of Ouray & Ridgway w good results
o we need to standardize this presentation
o Steve to work up generalized presentation & distribute to group
o Steve seeking membership list for Ridgway/Ouray area - Kristina to supply
o Wells Fargo Community Assistance Grant; $500-$1500 value range. Focus on communities where banks exist, non-profits. Apply.
o Feature Rides; why not do these? Get chapters involved earlier in the year.
? July - Mesa Top Trail
? Aug - Steve Barnes to set up
o Lack of communication between chapters & Kristina, how to improve?

? New Business
o Chris Davis stepping down - noted
o Laurie applying for seat on SW RAC ; Scott provided letter of recommendation for org.
o NW RAC - Clark points out our need to be present on this council
? Scott follow up with Kristina to get this process going
o Mission Statement review - table
o Financials:
? need to have additional accounting & financial oversight, second set of eyes in Treas work, and future replacement for Clark in Treas position.
? Clark to put a job description together for this position - forward to Kristina
o House Bill information forwarded earlier by Rod to board members. Regarding funding for interaction with federal agencies for planning activities. DOLA funding, Scott to forward that info again to board.
o Assistance agreement update - tabled
o Financial Structure;
? funding process - reviewed current status, no motions presented.
o Insurance overview
? added coverage
o non-owned auto liability
o workers comp coverage
? Clark to create a bullet list of Ins coverage, provide to BOD in 2 weeks.
o Purchasing Process;
? Materials Printing
? Any printed or promotional material to be sent to Coord for editorial review & promotional distribution prior to going to print
o Clark Moves, Dan 2nd, all approve.
o Coordinator role review - tabled
o Brand ID review - tabled
o Adjourn 8:30
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