Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

January 16, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2016
Board Meeting Agenda
January 16, 2016; 9 AM - 5 PM
Gateway Resort Conf. Rm, Gateway, CO

Call to Order at 9:30 am Scott Winans
Roll Call; establish quorum Scott
John Howe, Paul Koski, Dan Antonelli, Scott Winans, Sven Edstrom, Renata Raziano, Rusty Wouters, Chris Muhr, Laurie Brandt, Kristina Kittelson, Rod Fitzhugh.
Laurie Brandt as the current secretary took minutes.

Offer for comment & approval; minutes from 11-19-2015 meeting Scott

John Howe is the new Grand Valley Chapter board member. Scott moved to have Sven represent the DAMB chapter and Paul seconded it. All approved. Dan suggested “action items” to be sent separately to remind board members what their responsibilities are. Paul moved to approve minutes and Dan seconded them. All approved the minutes. Scott mentioned that he encouraged the City Manager of Fruita to communicate with the City Manager of Delta to talk about the value of trails to the community and working with COPMOBA.


Chapter Reports; call for questions/comments (30 min) Scott
o Grand Valley Canyons John H
Fruita/Kokopelli - 3 bids for trail design work Wrangler extension, Mack Ridge addition, Steve’s Loop, Moore Fun cutoff. Approx 8 miles. City of Fruita has been proactive about this trail. Chris Muhr will attend the Colorado Bike Summit for the Colorado Adrenaline Trail concept. The summit is Feb 8-9.
o RAT Rod F / Bill L
Rod sent an email last night. Nothing new since Dec. See note attached from email. Effort to get traffic off of paved river trail onto single track on City of Ridgway. Top of Pines has 350 acres where they want trails constructed by COPMOBA on County property. Interest in McKenzie Butte area with 5,000 acres. RAT Festival in second week in tour. Guided “group social” rides should be considered. Rod is to look into whether the BLM will allow this kind of ride. Can it be an educational? They will talk about it at the Jan 26th meeting. Clunker event is planned as part of this.
o Uncompahgre Renata R
See attached Uncompahgre Chapter Report. June 11th trail maintenance at Cerro Summit. Waiting for Spring Creek connectors construction grant. Jones Draw is designed, but clearances are not done yet. Possible construction in 2017. Movie night in March at 2 Rascals. Beer garden for BTOC in June. July or August with BLM for a race by Donnie, but not a done deal. Waiting for grants.
o DAMBikers Sven Edstrom
Sven is working on getting up to speed. Jason Love is new president. They are working on their local committee. Tim and Michael and Ace are involved at different levels. Need more women representation, too. Sven will get a meeting organized in Feb. The GGNCA TMP is in progress. Smith Mountain is still an area they are focusing on. Rod suggested that the RAT, West End, Unc, DAMB chapters should meet with BLM office in Montrose. Rod will follow-up with Amy Sharp about this and draft a letter to the BLM to suggest this meeting. Use trails and recreational activities as economic driver for Delta. Region 10 and Delta Economic Development group. What is the follow-up? Colorado Canyons Association (Bill Harris is on board) may be another advocate for trail development. We need to follow-up on the TMP for the GGNC with Edd Franz. Rod suggested attending Town Council meetings such as in Paonia, Delta, Hotchkiss, and Cedaredge. Local businesses such as motels, restaurants and other stores need to show support to the Chamber of Commerce and County Commissioners. Chris pointed out that this will snowball into more businesses and individuals moving to the area due to quality of life.
o West End Paul K
Stakeholders meeting with the BLM next week for the West End. Paul signed an agreement with SMC, Chamber, BLM, WEBA for Burn Canyon area mostly. 1/3 of the way through the trail construction by Samantha Andrew’s crew, but they can’t start until later in the season. He’s waiting to hear on the CPW grant for the Paradox re-route. He still has $9,000 to work with for trail building. Goals - Jan 28th meeting in Naturita for WEBA, increase COPMOBA membership, 3 miles of re-route and trailhead, Burn Canyon area, sign maintenance and inventory trails that are existing. John Brown climb event in spring as a possible event. He wants to have a stacked loop area in San Miguel County. Scott asked Paul to identify a project that could be developed in a 3 year time frame. The locals need to see it close to town and consumer friendly where the rider can’t get lost. Chris made a motion that we identify the West End group as a formal COPMOBA Chapter and Laurie seconded it. A little discussion on number of mountain bikers in the area. The chapter has been given $1,000 each year and Paul has been a board member for 21 years. Rusty asked if they would still be getting this fund even thought the group is so small. Rod answered that you have to spend money to make money. They also need it for projects. Dan and Scott added that the Paradox Trail (Grand Loop) is incredible value to COPMOBA. Paul has 3 to be on a committee. All voted in favor of the the West End becoming an official chapter. SMC gave them $1,000 for mapping for 2016.

Treasurer Report & Review (60 min) General Review
Clark was not present. Scott summarized. See attached Treasurer’s report. RAT group has $3,500 variance from report. $113,409 US Bank total. $159,733 assets. Liabilities are payroll only. Each chapter needs to go through their P&L with Clark directly. There is an on-going accounting struggle, so
each chapter needs to have direct contact to rectify the status of their accounts. Scott asked that by the end of February, each chapter needs to complete their review with Clark and provide it to the board for the next board meeting. Laurie suggested that there is a shadow accountant to work with Clark to have a check of the numbers and procedures. Someone with experience with a non-profit organization with 5 chapters would be helpful, too. Our standard needs to have the quality for state level review. Here are the 3 needs identified:
1. Account Review - to find someone to provide periodic/annual of accounting status. Rusty will ask his and Rod’s CPA (Scott Middleton). Dan will ask Colleen. Chris will ask his CPA, Alan W.
2. On-going Assistant Treasurer - someone to engage with Clark in a parallel nature on an on-going basis. This person may be a future Treasurer. They should be someone familiar with non-profits, CPA, grants, and help us prepare for an audit. KK to put out a call for this position to our membership. She will look into Colorado Non-profit Association and GJ Business Incubator. Names of Jeff Winland and Rob Parsons were suggested.
3. Accounting Practices Review - someone to improve/review overall accounting practices.

Coordinator Report & Review (60 min) Kristina K
See attached Coordinator’s report. We need a photo of new logos on trailer. Rod will have a trailer in Ridgway soon. KK will send the board information about how the stickers are used on the trailers and memberships. COPMOBA general fund. Let her know of each chapter’s member drives, generally in March, and a feature ride. Get your information to the RIDE magazine from each chapter. Chris to go to BC bike summit in February. Unc chapter to do their drive in March at 2 Rascals. Sven to do a combined feature ride with member drive in Sidewinder for DAMB chapter. RAT Festival in June will likely be their member drive and Rod will contact lapsed members. KK to resend list of members to each chapter so they can send emails or call members or former members. Idea by KK of a shop donating a bike and every time someone volunteers, their name is put in for a draw for the bike. MOG Festival (Gear Up) will be in Fruita this year and can serve as a member drive effort for GJ chapter. Donation boxes with membership envelopes at the major trailheads. Have a scannable QR code so people can join by PayPal. KK suggested that we designate a membership person who handles contacting and working on members per each chapter. KK is expected to be involved with administering the new grants, as we get them. Dan asked for a log of where KK is spending her time. Scope is half-time for KK with a fixed salary. For admin of the trail building project, there needs to be an on-the-ground person and the overall admin/reporting person. Scott asked KK to comment on her tasks for grant admin (invoices, emails, calls, budgeting, reports, follow-up).
o Coordinator role; review concept to expand

New Business
1) Remote trails of Gateway and the closure of most; comments & direction (Dan A) - BLM’s RMP out of GJ Field Office closed all trails (40-50 miles of singletrack) to mtn bikes except 4 miles of Picket Trail. We protested and appealed, but had no movement from the BLM. Do we want to fight this as an organization or should Dan fight this on his own? These are existing trails, not new trails, but they are closed to mtn bikes. If COPMOBA is to continue with the fight, we must team with USFS,
WEBA, Backcounty Bikers and Gateway Canyons Resort. Challenging a revision to the RMP. Blue Creek and Lower Ute Creek can be two that we focus our effort on. Zeb Miracle could be a good advocate with us. We resolved to oppose some of the Gateway area trails closures with cooperation with other users.

2) Comprehensive Insurance Review; any initial comments (John H) - He has the policies and endorsements, but he hasn’t reviewed them yet. Early March is his deadline.

3) Chapter committee lists: a) GVC - new as of this week i) John Howe (continuing, new Chair) ii) Jody Winkler (continuing) iii) Bill Cooper (continuing) iv) John Rizzo (new) v) Cole Axthelm (new) b) Statement for the record of all other 2016 chapter committee member lists. c) Unc - Renata Raziano (Chair), Elie Malloy, Rusty Wouters, Bill Harris, Laurie Brandt, Donnie Watson, Garry Baker d) RAT - Rod Fitzhugh (Chair), Bill Lindler, Scott Hargrave, Sarah Ballantyne, Edward Hines, Brian Scranton - e) DAMN - Sven, Alan Ace, Tim Gallegos, Michael Vaughn, Jason Love (Chair) f) WE - Paul Koski (Chair), Jim Johnston, John B. Stewart, Zeb Miracle

4) 2016 Tour de Bloom; input from Bryce, planning (Kristina) - Bryce will continue coordinating event, but Rod is out; Whit Smith is likely assisting the coordinator; May 12-15; Jim Ellis and Ross Fuller and Dan Antonelli are ride leaders. Jim Maggio was suggested as 5th guide and helps with auction. The board was fine with the plan as Bryce outlined in his letter. The work should be split between 2-3 different people, not just having one coordinator. By an October board meeting, we should select a new coordinator. At the next board meeting we will start discussion of responsibilities. The flyer needs to get out and the website needs updating ASAP.

5) Sales for Trails Program
a) Review status; program format, materials currently avail, implementation method(s) - “Get involved” tab of website talks about the program and application form. A poster and sticker are sent to businesses who sign up online. Scott also put together a step by step primer that is emailed to the business. Rod asked KK to put it on the website so they can read about it before they commit. Chris asked for an “opt in” options rather than an “opt out” option. Scott said a shop can implement this however they want. There is no process for follow-through. KK to send a quarterly reminder and let them know when they sign up that there will be a quarterly reminder for payment. Dan suggested a short video of an interaction example. Stephen Barnes (according to Rod) will be presenting to the Chamber of Commerce how this plan will work. KK suggested that we each pick 2 or 5 businesses and present it to them. 2 sets of materials for each binder to go to each chapter.
b) ID necessary steps to improve outreach & assign responsibilities to execute - see above. Rusty to talk with Cascade Bicycles.

6) Grants:
a) review status of all current applications - upcoming REI grant announcement in Feb and due end of April. Can be for trail planning, tools, promotional, reclamation, trail construction. Each has a different focus. Chris suggested a trail name called “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” GJ Jr Service League grant is in August. GJ Lions Club - Mesa County capital needs (tools, trailer, equipment). End of first week in March is the deadline for the REI grant idea for each chapter. People for Bikes grant. Bell grant (up to $100K) and IMBA Grant. KK to send email to board about these grant possibilities. Currently 3 CPW grants.
b) review opportunities for 2016, schedules to meet - see above

7) Finances: review committee appointed; Rusty, Bill L, Dan A, working w Kristina & Clark a) discuss & outline goals for committee - more direction on distribution of the $1,000 per year, how do we keep local books seamlessly with the organization’s finances; MAIN GOAL: written document of our accounting policies and methods. How does 10% of donations go to general fund? Grants may have restricted funds. This is a 1 year appointment. Output from 1st meeting is March 1st. Goal is first draft of current accounting policies and methods. Provide recommendation to board for how to proceed. We need to collect minutes beyond what is posted. Anyone with minutes, send them to Dan as the committee point-person in the next week.
b) points to discuss: Rod questions RE accounting - 1K chapter funding upon request was clarified, 10% withhold discuss further. Rod made a motion at board meeting on Nov 5, 2014…(see document), basically 10% will go to general fund except for grants that don’t allow for overhead/admin. Rod made a motion that all income generated by a local chapter (except for memberships and grants) shall be deposited in COPMOBA bank account and 10% will be allocated to the general fund and remaining 90% allocated for use by the local chapter and spent by the local chapter within the limits of the bylaws, articles of incorporation, and direction of the board and that such allocation shall be recorded in the company books. Chris seconded the motion and all voted in favor. This motion passed unanimously.
c) John made a motion that for grants, allocations to the general fund shall be made on a case by case basis in accordance with the terms of the grant with approval of the Board. Rod seconded it. All voted in favor. This motioned passed unanimously.
d) Chris made a motion that on a set date, such as February 1st, $1,000 is allocated to each chapter from the general fund for use as per their discretion. John seconded the motion. Discussion continued. It allows each chapter to create a budget. All voted in favor and the motion passes unanimously. Rod made a motion that the general fund will allocate $1,000 as of January 21, 2016 to each chapter that didn’t receive their annual allowance in 2015. All voted in favor and the motion passed unanimously.
e) Laurie made a motion to have Paul Koski of the West End Chapter and Sven Edstrom of the DAMB (Delta Area Mountain Bikers) Chapter to be authorized to sign on the COPMOBA US Bank Account. Rod seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion passed unanimously.

8) Annual Event Planning
a) Identify large event plans across all chapters - Bike Tour of Colorado (Unc Chapter), Gear Up (GV Chapter), RAT Fest (June 11), John Brown (WE Chapter)
c) Liquor License usage for events - We are covered for TdB and RAT Fest, but all other events are covered under separate riders. 15 calendar days per year.

9) Maps; printed and electronic a) historically printed items - Koko, Tab, and Paradox. Printed maps are in demand at the Visitor’s Center. Do we want to update the maps? How about a rack card? Let’s try that for about 6 months with QR and membership information. VistaPrint. Paul volunteered to be the point person on a rack card. b) plans for ongoing map creation, sharing, common formats, etc. - maps for each chapter, but they come from a variety of sources. Everything must have a COPMOBA logo on it. Maps should suggest a direction of flow. Each chapter should look at their local maps and see if the maps need editing. John Hodge does a good job on maps; Blue Door GIS (Elisa Gardner) does a good job, also.

10) Mission, Vision, Values (Stephen comments, group discussion) - Market and branding. Some branding already, but it leaves out the word “trail.” Kokopelli is overused icon, but it has been with us for quite a while. Our website is different than our TdB website. The bikerpelli with the Colorado flag is a newer development. Does our logo indicate trail advocacy? We should review our mission, vision and values. Use a chainring, tire, bike or other identifying feature relating to trails or cycling. All chapters should have logo and consistent website that ties into COPMOBA. The board discussed using the bikerpelli and the Colorado flag instead of the Kokopelli figure. Rusty suggested to change our name to COPMOBA Trails. We also discussed adding the COPMOBA Trails logo as a subset figure on the chapter logo. KK suggested that we hire a marketing/branding specialist to look at our branding package (graphic design company). The Board needs to send ideas of possible branding people to KK.

11) Laurie suggested Next Board meeting should include discussion of mission, vision and values.

12) MISC: a) Reminder about Non-profit board member responsibilities - review at Scott asked that we all read through these responsibilities on our own. b) Email communications for Board. Rusty and Bill looked into this. Rusty found 3 options. Google Groups - must have email and membership. ProBoards - he made a dashboard to experiment based on topics and comments. Disadvantage is that it is not commonly used. Facebook - this seems most useful, but not good about it is long discussions. KK indicated that Yahoo Groups is good for her other board. Rusty recommends Google Groups. Lots of options, well known, powerful, document sharing. Rusty made a motion that we use Google Groups as our Board email communications as a private closed group. Rusty will administer it for a 1 year term. Sven seconded the motion. All voted in favor, not opposed. The motion passed unanimously. c) DAMB - More than one DAMB member to serve on the COPMOBA Board? Yes.

13) Election of Officers. Rod recommended polling of all current officers regarding willingness to retain current seats. Poll taken; all willing (sans presence of Clark as Treasurer) except for Laurie as Secretary - she is resigning from board. After discussion, Rod indicated that he is willing to stand as
Secretary. Scott stated that he would entertain a motion of the following positions, Dan moved and Paul seconded the motion. All voted in favor.
President - Scott Winans
Vice President - Chris Muhr
Secretary - Rod Fitzhugh
Treasurer - Clark Reeves

14) Schedule next meeting date - Quarterly on Apr 18 (Delta), Jul 18, Oct 17 - 3rd Mondays of month
15) Floor open for discussion - no additional discussion.
16) Adjourn at 4:23pm
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