Western Rim

May 10, 2011
Westerm Rim is spectacular - we went last weekend and had a terrific ride. Great to ride at a good pace, as we did with a group of fast riders :)

Rabbit Valley exit, follow main/Kokopelli Trail back to 'Rabbit Valley camping area' (before McDonald Creek staging area). At the point where road takes a significant dive down a rocky technical bit - park at the top. It's 17'ish miles from here. *Note - you can also ride from the RV parking lot off the highway to get extra miles. The trail is 22'ish miles from here.

Trail #2 takes off to the right - take it. It intersects back with Koko trail at one point, stay on Trail #2. It intersects a 2nd time at a significant open area. Ride directly across Koko - in the direction Trail #2 spit you out - and descend a little fun drop. Ride the sandy bits for short stretch. Do not take option to the right, keep going straight. The trail quickly descends - midway down you'll see a pinon tree and tracks lead to the right. You're on Western Rim! It's like Pollock Bench on steroids...

We ride it to the point where the trail take a straight climb stright up and turn around to retrace our ride, inc Trail #2 back to the car (a HOOT!). Or you can climb the hill and take a right on Koko Trail back to the intersection at Trail #2. Or you can take the Koko Trail back to the car or Take #2. Optons galore. But I'm tellin ya, the out & back rocks. Lotta fun. Wish I could join you!
Posted by Jen Taylor
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