Changes in the North Fruita desert

September 5, 2012
The BLM in conjunction with COPMOBA will be signing the North Fruita Desert (18 Rd) trail systems in the coming month.  The new signs will have an educational slant and will address the issue of directional travel on some trails.  The signs will be at the top and bottom of trails and will give the trail user a synopsis of what to expect, the desired direction of travel and admonish them to "Keep Single Track Single."  A big thanks to All Metals Welding for donating time and material for the signs.  We hope that this helps riders have a better experience in the North Fruita Desert by keeping traffic flowing in generally the same direction, and that more people will keep in mind that staying on the trail is the proper thing to do.

Points of interest for 2012 18 rd (NFD) camping.
Developed camping
  • $10 fee/site/night for 35 developed sites began Sept 1, 2012
    • Campground fees will be used for maintenance, education and expansion of the current developed area, these include;
      • 60 additional developed campsites (fire rings, picnic tables, toilets)
      • educational and informational signage for trails and campground.
      • stock and clean toilets
  • Campground host site is currently being built for fall 2012 season
    • Host site is at top of campground.
    • Campground host will be on site in the spring and fall to answer questions, educate users, and ensure facilities are maintained.
  • Travel on the campground loop is now one way, counterclockwise.  This is for safety reasons.
  • All traffic that is not staying in the campground is requested to not drive through the campground.
 The 18 rd campground has seen exponential growth over the last several years.  This growth has resulted in resource damage that is degrading the area and the very experience that attracted people to the area originally.  Loss of ground vegetation has resulted in dustier conditions and the opportunity for invasive species to totally take over.  Careless campers ripping branches off both living and dead trees are not only creating an eye sore, it’s also decreasing the very limited amount of shade available for campers.  Campers riding from their site directly over to Kessel Run create safety concerns and tramples vegetation.  The BLM encourages the campers and trail users to stay involved in planning, in order to continue to create a unique experience.
There are no fees in effect for dispersed camping at this time.  Dispersed camping in the bowl across from the bottom trailhead has seen some of the worst overuse in the area these past couple years.  On multiple occasions this spring there were over 50 campsites with at least 500 campers in this one dispersed area.  Regulations that are posted as you come into the area will be enforced this year to ensure this area doesn’t become anymore of a dust bowl than it already has.  Two of the main regulations that campers should be aware of before coming to the area are; fire pans are required if you wish to have a fire, and a portable toilet system is also required. 
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