The Moore Fun Trail

November 10, 2011

Located just off of I-70 exit #15 (Loma) at the Kokopelli trailhead, the Moore Fun trail was originally slated to be an easy alternate route for returning to the main Kokopelli parking lot after riding the popular Mary’s Loop trail.  The story is told of the design team walking proposed routes down near the road but could not help being drawn to the views from the high ridgeline.  So it is that one must follow the steep rise and fall of the ridge as the trail claws its way from one spectacular view of trails, river and the adjacent wilderness to the next.  A warm up ride is recommended so a quick Rustler’s Loop or at least a brisk ride from the big Kokopelli parking lot up and over the small hill is recommended.  The trail starts at the very small parking area at the base of the Quick read more or view full article small hill.  Head northwest as it parallels the old road for ¼ mile before crossing the road and heading for the first small ridgeline.  If you are overdressed it will not take long to fill your pack with clothes.  For some riders, the first trip over Moore Fun can be a very frustrating experience.  One must get to know the trail and its challenges intimately before the Big Grin appears.  After a series of challenging technical climbs and a couple of small deceptive descents you catch a break for a bit.  As you enjoy the cruise across the flat, the next set of switchbacks stare down at you from the next ridgeline.  Again the climbing is technical in places and just plain steep in others.  Interesting “splattered blood” colored rock formations form the technical challenge in this section of the trail and then suddenly you are at the top.  The views of the Black Ridge Wilderness, Colorado River and Horsethief Bench take some time to absorb.  As more of the ridge, rocky outcroppings, switchbacks and ledges pass beneath your wheels, a confidence is gained which will be very valuable as you top another ridge and start the descent.  Keep your weight behind your seat or this part of the trail will be Less Fun.  As the trail levels out there are a couple of challenging twists and then you are done.  Return via Mary’s Loop or Hawkeye Road (I just saw the name of the map?).  OR if needing Moore Fun, retrace your route if you dare.   This is a very long 4.5 mile trail and is one of the most technical trails in the Grand Valley so bring your big boy (or girl) pants for this one. 

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Posted by Dan Antonelli
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