Grand Valley Trails Alliance Board Forming

December 27, 2012
TO: All Grand Valley region COPMOBA Members
RE: Grand Valley Trails Alliance call for Board Members

Hello COPMOBA members. Some of you may be familiar with the relatively newly formed organization in the area - the Grand Valley Trails Alliance. This group was created at the behest of the BLM - Grand Junction Field Office, as an instrument to help organize, consolidate, and improve trail creation and maintenance activities among various user groups in the area. Federal dollars and manpower are already stretched thin, and the ability of the BLM to respond to requests and take action on projects is limited.

The goal was to create a structure to help user groups not only cooperate on planning and trail development, but also to gather and build broad support and consensus from the various user groups, municipalities, and other community stakeholders for proposed projects. With broader backing for projects, Quick read more or view full article the BLM can more readily take action on requests.

The GVTA is also conceived of as a structure to aid user groups in understanding and following the various steps necessary for project creation, approval, securing financial resources, and eventual implementation. By bringing together the experience and skills from various groups, documenting and supporting best practices, and identifying a clear process through which an idea can be proposed and pursued to completion, the GVTA aims to streamline the process by which trail ideas move from concept to plan to implementation. The final output of the GVTA organization will be requests to the BLM, and perhaps other entities in the future, for specific projects. The projects and requests will have broad backing, will have already been reviewed and tuned to meet the needs of the implementation process. These are the type of requests that the BLM can more readily take action upon.

The BLM reached out to the mountain bike and the motorized communities over a year ago to help identify what the GVTA might be, and to get the process rolling. They reached out to these two groups because we are the most active, and because each group has an assistance agreement with the BLM which is a tool that the BLM uses to route money to partner organizations to help accomplish various goals. The concept is that the GVTA is inclusive of all user groups who wish to participate - it is fundamentally a support structure and a way to help organize the trail implementation process. This does not mean that all results from the organization will be multi-use trail proposals. It means that the BLM is attempting to get these two main groups to work together as best possible, early in the process.

I have served as one of three advisors for the organization in this first year plus, as we have worked to establish a presence. We began with much discussion about organizational concepts and goals, and moved forward by hiring a coordinator to begin the important footwork of reaching out to the various user groups and the community in general. The coordinator is Dave Grossman, and he has done an excellent job in getting things moving.

I encourage anyone who has interest in the trail and community planning process, and experience commensurate with that described in the statements below, to consider applying for the GVTA board. This organization will be a significant positive influence for our communities and our region, and I believe will be an important part of our future.

Contact information is provided below.

Scott Winans
Pres - COPMOBA Read Less
Posted by Scott Winans
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Ridgway Comprehensive Travel Management Plan

December 12, 2012
The Sneffles Chapter of COPMOBA needs your input!  Comments are needed  to help move this trail project forward!

The Uncompahgre Field Office of the BLM has published its draft EA and Travel Management Plan for the Ridgway Trails Project, together with maps of the preferred and three alternative options. The BLM will accept public comment on the Draft EA until February 1, 2012.

The COPMOBA Sneffels Chapter Steering Committee will develop an official comment for submission by COPMOBA. Individuals may submit their own comments by visiting the BLM webpagevia the link below, and may view the EA and maps by following the same link:
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Talon Winery Wine-Fueled Fundraiser Check!

December 7, 2012

With a label featuring a petroglyph of a mountain bike rider carved onto a sandstone sprocket wheel,Talon Winery’s mountain-bike riding employees thought it would be fun to support the Grand Valley’s growing cycling assets and raise funds for COPMOBA, the area’s renown mountain bike trail building association.  For every bottle of Rock Red wine sold, Talon Winery promised to donate one dollar to COPMOBA.  With a “ride local/drink local” theme, the fundraiser ran from April 1 – October 31, 2012

After tallying all bottles of Rock Red sold throughout Colorado and the 19 states where Talon ships, the results are in. A whopping 1,760 bottles, or almost 147 cases of Rock Red wine sold, generating a check of $1,760 for COPMOBA from Talon Winery.

“Rock Red’s label is ‘geared’ to mountain bikers and says to enjoy Quick read more or view full article the local flavor but don’t eat dirt. Here’s some of the best mountain bike riding on the planet, and it’s the heart of the Colorado Wine Country too,” said
Glenn Foster, owner/head winemaker at Talon Winery. “We thank everyone who bought Rock Red and helped
make this fundraiser successful.”

Scott Winans, president of COPMOBA and co-owner of Rapid Creek Cycles in Palisade said, “Thanks to Talon
Winery for their support of trails with their dollar per bottle program. Solid business support like Talon’s sustains
the work of COPMOBA.”

Talon Winery is owned by Talon Wine Brands, a small family of Colorado wineries that encompass Talon
Winery, St. Kathryn Cellars and Meadery of the Rockies, located in Palisade Colorado. Owners Glenn and Natalie
Foster have been involved in the Colorado wine business for more than 17 years. Due to growing up and working
in northern California’s wine country, Glenn is a second generation winemaker whose father, Reed Foster Sr., cofounded and operated Sonoma’s Ravenswood Winery for 30 years. A passion for falconry inspired Glenn to name
his company Talon Wine Brands, which produces 40+ wines, employs 20 people in Palisade, and ships to 19 states.

Talon Winery • 785 Elberta Avenue • Palisade, Colorado 81526 • Tel: 970-464-9288
Open daily year ‘round 10 am - 5 pm

Contact: Glenn Foster, Owner/Head Winemaker
(970) 261-0728;



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Lunch Loop Bike Park Improvements

December 7, 2012

Beginning December 17th, Grassroots Cycles along with some volunteers will be installing an irrigation system at the Lunch Loop Bike Park. This much needed project will enable proper maintenance at the park. The jumps and pump track take a beating with the dry weather and constant use.

The park will be closed while trenching the pipelines and installing the valve boxes takes place. Also, there will be a temporary closure and detour in the main trail while excavation of the hole for the tank and pipeline trenching over to the park occurs.
Please be patient and refrain from using the park even if it Quick read more or view full article looks like there is no construction activity. Once the system is installed and charged, the plan is to do some park maintenance before it gets really cold.
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Posted by Amy Agapito
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Preliminary EA for the Bangs Motorized Trail

December 6, 2012

Below is the official letter submitted by COPMOBA tp the Bureau of LAnd Management regarding the Preliminary Environmental Assessment for the Bangs Motorized Trail Development.  The comment period is open until December 22nd.  Please consider submitting your own individual comments regarding Bangs Canyon.

If you would like to read the asessment, you can access it here:  Bangs Canyon peliminary EA

We support the creation of these trails, and we urge you to provide support as well, specifically highlighting support for the creation of the singletrack trails in the plan. If you’re familiar with the existing Butterknife trail (motorized singletrack) in this area, that gives you some idea of the style and scope of what is being considered in this proposal. Comments can be made to the BLM via e-mail at , and should be received by December 22.


Date: Dec 6, 2012

To: Bureau Quick read more or view full article of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office

From: Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association

Re: Preliminary Environmental Assessment for the Bangs Motorized Trail Development

COPMOBA has reviewed the Preliminary Environmental Assessment for the Bangs Motorized Trail Development document, and would like to register a number of comments for the plan.

COPMOBA’s stated mission is the development and maintenance of singletrack and developmental features in our region.  The Bangs motorized trail development proposal lays out many opportunities for mountain bike accessible trails and other outdoor recreation activities in the Bangs Canyon area.  In general, COPMOBA supports the responsible creation of these trails, with emphasis on the singletrack aspects of the plan.  Specifically, COPMOBA supports the creation of the identified singletrack trails; Windmill, Windmill Bailout, Horse Mesa, and Horse Mesa West trails.  However this support comes with concerns about the ability to implement these and the balance of the proposed network in a manner that maintains the health of the area under heavy motorized use, with little ability to effectively manage use in remote areas.  It is not uncommon to see the results of very damaging off-trail traffic in motorized use areas.  COPMOBA does desire and support greater singletrack trail access, but we advocate strongly for the development and use to occur in a responsible and conscientious manner. 

In addition we would like to identify the following;

- We emphasize the goal of establishing sustainable routes while not sanitizing the trial of challenging natural terrain characteristics that are defining aspects for many trails and the landscape in this locale. 

- There are no apparent indications of skill levels for the singletrack routes - these should be identified and included in trail management objectives before construction.

- When considering the creation of the new singletrack routes, we believe that managing the entry and exit points for singletrack access is critical.  Intersections of routes 2 & 4 with singletrack routes 5 & 6 should receive substantial control measures on access to the singletrack portions of trail.

- Singletrack routes should take advantage of terrain that supports motorized use with minimal impact, such as slickrock or similar hard surfaces.  Routing through washes and sandy areas is often not a preferable option.  Some sections of trail appear to utilize wash areas and should be reviewed with the idea of avoiding braiding and sustainability in mind.

- We advocate that any routes currently identified as singletrack be maintained under that designation through the completion of the plan and implementation.  ATV access to doubletrack roadways is already extensive in this area.  ATV access to remote routes also typically produces a less technical trail layout, and often more significantly impacting the natural feel of the area.  We do not support transitioning any routes identified as singletrack to ATV accessible routes.

In consideration of the planning process, COPMOBA advocates that the development of this system should take place within a well structured and consistent process under BLM supervision.  We support the progressive nature of the planning process as illustrated by the noted 1987 GJ RMP and 1999, 2005 and 2006 Bangs Mgmt Plan revisions.  Our emphasis is that this planning process be clear, consistent, inclusive of all concerned parties, and maintain a consistent focus on the stated goals and conclusions throughout the entire planning process.  We also advocate that trail implementation should be accomplished with the least possible impact to wildlife and natural and archeological resources.

The Grand Junction region, among others, has experienced the documented benefits of single track trail development. Single track trail systems in the Rabbit Valley, Kokopelli, North Fruita Desert, Palisade, and Tabeguache areas have proven to be valuable local resources for outdoor recreation and have supported healthy economic activity by both local and visitor users.  Local riders would utilize the trail system under consideration, benefitting from the close proximity and unique landscape features of this area.

Trails provide a positive avenue for outdoor enthusiasts with regard to both physical and mental well being, and the positive economic impacts of trails systems such as this are apparent. COPMOBA directly supports responsible trail construction and maintenance programs, where appropriate, in cooperation with other user groups and public lands agencies. We believe that this multi-use trail system is appropriate when implemented with the considerations noted and will be a significant recreational, social, and economic benefit to our region.  COPMOBA also encourages all individual COPMOBA members to provide direct personal comment to the BLM with regard to this preliminary EA.


Scott Winans
President - COPMOBA

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