Tour de Bloom Arm Twisting

May 7, 2014
By Chris Muhr

It seems that every now and then we have a year on the Tour de Bloom when we don’t get a full field of riders.  2014 is one of those years….I’m not sure why, it could be because it was a long winter and nobody feels like A: they look good in bike clothes, B: they aren’t in good enough shape to do the tour, C: they don’t want to miss the Saturday re-run of “Dancing with the Stars”.
Let me go through a few reasons why you might want to  reconsider your decision and go on the Tour de Bloom this year…A: very few people look “good” in bike clothes and those people are usually found in bike magazines or the trailhead parking lot and would never consider a challenge like Loma to Moab because they will be sweaty and have helmet hair. B: Quick read more or view full article I personally have done the tour five times….and although I consider myself to be the pinnacle of physical fitness, the casual observer and my doctor may think that I am putting on enough reserve “muscle” to  survive say….a meteorite strike like the one that killed the dinosaurs, or perhaps the Y2K+14 worldwide computer shutdown and ensuing chaos….it could happen, so I need my “reserves”.  C: If you’re into television, computer games, work…..whatever, if there was a year when Tour de Bloom will live up to its name, then this is the year!!!  It’s been over twenty years since I’ve see the desert wildflowers in such abundance, in fact I had to just stop a couple times last night at Lunch Loop and just look around and take in the fact that there was acres of flowers not just a patch or two.
So if it bothers you to ride with a small group of great people, eat good food, drink beer, shower at the end of the day and see amazing scenery with phenomenal wild flowers, then Tour de Bloom is not going to be for you.  However, for the rest of you who ride for the love of riding and hanging out with great people in beautiful places…you probably shouldn’t miss this bucket list ride on a bucket list year……oh by the way on the big climb into the La Salle mountains after lunch on the third day, I will not be using my normally reserved seat on the sag wagon this year, so have a beer on me and try to keep my van clean.

Happy Trails!
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Posted by Chris Muhr
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