COPMOBA receives Starbucks Community Service Grant

August 20, 2012
The Starbucks Foundation awarded COPMOBA $1,000.00 for a Community Service Grant through Starbucks Community Service Program.  The donation is made in recognition of the impact and engagement demonstrated by a group of Starbucks partners(employees) who provided 83 hours of community service to COPMOBA.  This community service came in the form of a Monday Night Maintenance event April 23rd at the Kokopelli trail area.  Starbucks employees and family came out to the event and helped with trail maintenance for the evening!  It was a fun and productive evening!

Thank you Starbucks for your community involvement!
Posted by Amy Agapito
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Sneffles Chapter Update

August 8, 2012
The COPMOBA Sneffels Steering Committee met on August 6, 2012.  Several subjects were talked about during this meeting. 

According to the BLM the Ridgway scoping process is on track to be open for public comments in September.  The state park service is on track with their planning within Ridgway State Park.  Confirmation still has to come from the Bureau of Reclamation.
The chapter will look into professional construction costs for area trails, and determine if this  combined with volunteer efforts is the best way to go for the new trails.  Funding sources in the area will be looked into.

Fundraiser Planning
We will schedule a meeting early next winter of the general membership to plan for beer, food, auction and music for the 2013 RAT Fest.  We need more swag to make the auction more exciting, more food vendors and a high-profile band. 

Trail Work Days
We Quick read more or view full article will do trail days every Thursday this month and into September to continue work on several aspects of the town park trails and River Sage trails, i.e.”
  • Repair and maintenance of river trail segment
  • Refinement of 4 – 5 switchbacks in River Sage to reduce erosion potential
  • Rebuild switchback on Northeast aspect of Weaver Park summit
  • Refine tread profile and outsloping on various sections of River Sage trail
  • Close/rehab redundant connector trail between Weaver Park and River Sage

Membership outreach plans are moving ahead in the area, and there are tentative plans to have a booth at the Telluride stop of the 2011 Pro Challenge on August 20th.

For more information about the Sneffles Chapter in Ridgway, please contact Rod Fitzhugh at

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Posted by Rod Fitzhugh
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COPMOBA-Grand Valley Canyons Chapter Update

August 7, 2012
In February 2012 the COPMOBA board called a public meeting to express interest in Grand Junction of forming a local chapter.  This meeting was attended by about 30 people eager to get involved in local Mtn. Biking issues including new trail building and trail maintenance.  The local chapter was formed to get more people involved in the decision making about mountain biking trails in Mesa County and surrounding areas.
Committee Members are Kris Cox, Sarah Withers, Ken Graven, Jody Winkler and Adam Wadas. 
Once a name was selected, Grand Valley Canyons Chapter (G.V.C.C.), items that have been discussed range from administrative group issues, upcoming trail building and other mountain bike related events. Membership renewal has been a large topic on the agenda in trying to have a better tracking system with renewals.  It was decided at the last meeting to have automatic renewal option on the website.  We have Quick read more or view full article also decided to renew the process of memberships cards sent out annually and special discounts given to cardholding members at area bike shops and COPMOBA events.  Another item of discussion has been a comment section on the website that you can send a note related to trail maintenance issues or ideas to better the biking options in the area.  The website is
On the trail building side of the meetings, we have discussed which trails that we are working on in the upcoming months and getting the word out on the need for volunteers.  We recently had a great discussion about making some of the area trails directional and are launching a program this fall in the North Fruita Desert (18 Rd) area in conjunction with the BLM about getting directional signage done.  If this proves to be successful we may see other local areas get similar designation.
COPMOBA wants to hear your opinion, but you need to attend the meetings.  If you want an issue to be addressed by the local mtn bikers in the area or have an event, then you need to have a presence.   This was evident in the July meeting when it was shared with the group that there will be an October mountain biking event taking place in Fruita and COPMOBA has agreed to assist in a poker run on area trails.  Stay tuned for more info.
Chapter meetings take place once a month and we have had 4 meetings this year, thanks to Tom and Michelle at Aspen St. Coffee, James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems, Scott and Rondo with Rapid Creek Cycles and Matt and James with Grassroots Cycles for allowing COMOBA GVCC to use their facilities to hold meetings.  We will be holding our August meeting at Over the Edge Sports on August 28th.  6:30pm-8:00pm.  Join us for a discussion on local MTB trail issues.  Bring a chair and beverage.  We are seeking other locations for our meetings.  If you would like to have 25-30 people come to your facility, and give a 2-3 minutes elevator speech promoting your business, please let us know.
If you have any comments or would like to offer your facility for a meeting you can contact Kris Cox at or go the COPMOBA website comment section.
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Posted by Kris Cox
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Uncompahgre Summer Chapter Report

August 7, 2012
The Uncompahgre Chapter has been involved with several projects this summer.  The Buzzard Gulch project continues to move forward.  Singletrack Trails from Bicycle Colorado has been hired by the BLM via a GOCO grant to lay out singletrack that will connect existing trails and go around private property.  The chapter did a major cleanup of the area last spring.  Riding Buzzard Gulch recently has been primo due to the monsoon rains. 
Chapter members manned a booth at the Tread Lightly Expo on the 4th of July.  They distributed information about trail etiquette, and set up a small skills course for visitors to ride.  A huge squall ripped through the Expo late in the day taking down most of the booths, but we survived.
Chapter members replaced the damaged teeter-totters at the bike skills area in Cerise Park.  Additional skills features have been placed and future work to is planned to Quick read more or view full article upgrade the pump track.  Six of the mountain bike trails in the park have been signed as well.

COPMOBA members assisted organizers of the Montrose Community Day at the Montrose County Fair.  A bike skills course was set up for the kids to ride.  Bikes for the course were donated by Cascade Bicycles.  We plan to have the bike skills course set up for Youth Appreciation Day later in August.  Thanks to Ralph Files for constructing the skills course features.

Probably the most significant happening of the summer was the publishing of the first ever Montrose Cycling Guide.  The guide was spearheaded by COPMOBA members Laurie Brandt, Garry Baker, Amy Sharp, Fred Matheny and Bill Harris.  The guide is available from local bike shops and will be handed out during the Pro Cycling Challenge visit on August 21st.  The guide is full of helpful information about all aspects of cycling around Montrose.  Thanks to the City of Montrose, Montrose ACT and the Montrose Daily Press for their support of the guide.
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Posted by Bill Harris
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