GOCO Outreach Sessions Scheduled

August 31, 2015
Governor John Hickenlooper outlined the next steps for the Colorado the Beautiful Initiative in June 2015 at GOCO’s Outdoors Summit in Denver. He also announced the Colorado Department of Natural Resouces (DNR), in coordination with GOCO, nonprofit organizations and state agencies, will identify 16 important trail gaps, missing trail segments, and unbuilt trails across the state and elevate them to priority projects by 2016. GOCO has scheduled public meetings to give Coloradans an opportunity to learn more about the Colorado the Beautiful initiative and offer input on the 16 Trails in 2016 Project. Please attend the Grand Junction meeting on Thursday, September 3rd at 12 pm at 1307 North Avenue! For more information and to see the meeting schedule, click here!
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CBB Hut Trip Adventure by Jeff Johnson

August 26, 2015
I was lucky enough to win the Colorado Backcountry Biker (CBB) mountain bike hut trip at the COPMOBA/CMU fundraiser in March. The trip was donated by CBB of Fruita, CO owner, Kevin Godar, and shop manager, Tony Uriguen. Kevin was very helpful in organizing, planning and delivering a first class, three-day adventure into the Dominguez Canyon. My friend who joined me on the trip, Nick Bierman, and I met at CBB in Fruita for a brief orientation and then it was off to the drop point for our first day of riding. We added some extra miles and ended up with nearly 40 miles. We arrived at the hut to find our bags waiting as well a cooler full of beer and soda and another cooler full of food to be cooked on the grill. In Quick read more or view full article addition, there was a fully stocked cabinet with power bars, cereal, candy bars, nuts, coffee and other goodies……even wine. The next day brought 30 miles of single- and double-track riding. We arrived at the second hut to find our bags waiting as well as coolers full of beer, soda and food. The final day was a 25-mile ride to the Gateway Canyons Resort. Part of the package included a night’s stay at the resort, which I turned over to Nick and his wife, Annette. My vehicle was waiting for me at the resort as well as our bags. In the end, we rode 95 miles of single- and double-track in three days and there was still more to be had. If anyone is considering taking this this trip, you will not be disappointed. This is a well-run, first class operation with plenty of miles of riding. Kevin did an excellent job of organizing and making sure the huts were clean and well stocked with food, beer and everything needed to make this trip a blast. If you finish this trip feeling you did not get enough miles in or eat enough food or drink enough beer and wine……'s your own damn fault!! Thanks again Kevin and CBB for your gracious donation to COPMOBA and CMU!!

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