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RAT Chapter Meeting to Elect RAT Committee Members 1/18/2017

January 3, 2017
RAT MEETS ON JANUARY 18, 2017 to elect RAT Committee Members and to nominate local representatives to the COPMOBA Board of Directors. The RAT committee members are responsible for all RAT authorized action and planning.  Although RAT welcomes and seeks participation and support from the entire community, only committee members can vote on official RAT business and actions. 

Location: 188 Marie Street, Ridgway
Time: 7:00pm

All COPMOBA members and RAT supporters are welcome. Please be aware that only COPMOBA/RAT members can vote for RAT Committee persons or for Board of Directors nominations. Anyone can join COPMOBA at any time by visiting copmoba.org and clicking the JOIN button at the upper, right corner of the page. when completing the membership application form, make sure you include your correct address and also indicate that you want to join as a member of the RAT chapter of COPMOBA. If you wish to vote at this meeting, please try to join before January 16th, because at the January 18 meeting we may not be able to confirm membership of persons who join after January 15th. 

Other meeting business will include discussion of the 2017 Ridgway Fat Tire Festival and Rat Race, Quick read more or view full article as well as pending proposals to construct trails on McKenzie Butte south of Colona and on Mt. Baldy south of Ridgway. 

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting. 

Happy New Year! 

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