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RAT Chaapter Report 10/17/16

October 26, 2016
Rat Chapter Report
1.         Construction Progress
We’ve completed two new trails this fall: Exterminator and Lower Ratical.  Both are most excellent to ride.
We have two others currently in progress, yet to be named.  One of these will cross Alkali Creek North of the existing system and create a loop of some kind out toward County Road 8.  The exact route remains to be determined because BLM’s TMP map turned out be be inaccurate.  We may need to get further clearances from BLM to create the preferred route.  Scott, Amy, Bill and I are working with BLM on that. If we need additional clearances we will not finish it this year. We have another trail in progress through the basin between Double Crosser and State Park.  We have a couple other connectors planned for construction this year. Canyon Bridge in Ridgway has begun work on design of the bridge across Alkali Creek.  Chris Haaland and Canyob
Bridge can complete it this year, but whether we install it this year will depend on how much trail we get built north of the Creek this fall.
Based on SCC’s progress to date, we do not expect to Quick read more or view full article complete all the approved mileage within the 2016 CPW grant budget, so will likely need to seek additional funds for next year. 
2.         Trails Decommissioned
We’ve decommissioned 2 trails: Mickey’s Tears (located within County Pit leasehold), and a line that passed across private land from the Road 10 parking lot to Rattus Maximus.  Bill and Scott have walked and GPS’d an alternate line which we will try to build this year, but that too may need additional clearance from BLM. 
SCC has asked us to partner for a grant app they seek for next year.  SCC would have to use this grant mostly for rehabilitation, but could build some new trails as well. We’d need to put up matching funds equal to the total of the grant money, so we’d need $6500 for one week of SCC if we want them for two weeks.  This seems beyond our financial reach at the moment, because the application is due November 1.
3.         Finances
We’ve asked the town to budget funds for RAT in 2017, and expect to receive some, but don’t yet know the final answer to that question.  I have never reconciled my RAT fund balance with the numbers supplied by Clark at the last couple of board meetings.  I need some feedback from him on that. My records show a balance of $14,746.00, $8 ,000.00 of which is committed to match for this year’s CPW grant. I believe Clark Shows $17,929.46, but I’m not sure I know how to read his spread sheet.
4.         Local Committee
Several new members of the local committee have really stepped up to help, especially with RAT FEST 2017.  Ed and Sundra Hines in particular have taken the lead with BLM to obtain permitting to stage a full-blown race event next year. 
5.         McKenzie Butte
Gordon Reichard, Amy and I have submitted a plan to CPW for a new trail system on Mckenzie Butte northwest of the Ridgway Reservoir.  I met with CPW (along with the Unc chapter members) and found them extremely resistant to any new trails within the area bordered by Highway 550 on the east, the San Miguel River on the west, Highway 62 on the south and Solar Road on the north.  We submitted to CPW because we’d like to get a CPW planning grant in the hopper next year and use it to develop a detailed proposal for BLM.  We don’t expect any encouragement from CPW.  If they do not loosen up, we will try to raise enough cash to hire Amy and Scott to develop a detailed proposal for submission directly to BLM. We believe BLM is far more receptive to this concept than CPW.
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