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Successful Meeting with USFS!

November 16, 2016
RAT had a very encouraging and exciting meeting with USFS personnel in Ridgway on 11/15/16 to discuss RAT's proposal to develop 50 - 100 miles of multi-use, singletrack trail on and near Mt. Baldy, southwest of Ridgway.  The RAT crew was blown away by the alacrity with which USFS received the proposal.  It seems the USFS has had trouble engage other regional user groups to partner with USFS on scoping, funding and development of non-motorized recreational opportunities in Ouray County.

In the end, USFS made it clear they share our excitement for the prospects and suggested we expand our long-range vision to include USFS lands situated generally within a large quadrangle bounded roughly by Lake City, Silverton, Telluride and Ouray.  USFS asked us to prepare and submit a rough sketch map of our Mt. Baldy concept as soon as possible for their review. 

USFS also fully endorsed our request to assume maintenance chores for the Dallas Trail along its entire length from Box Factory Park to County Road 17.  USFS also indicated they would support our requests to re-route two badly eroded, fall-line sections of the Dallas trail, and to develop an alternate route to the current descent Quick read more or view full article from Moonshine Park to County Road 17.   

RAT will continue constructing new trail north of Ridgway on BLM lands, pursuant to our 2017 CPW Grant, until forced by winter closure rules or bad weather to cease.   Read Less
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