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CPW Approves RAT $200,000 Non-Motorized Trail Grant Application!

March 10, 2015

WOW!!! The Eagle Has Landed!! Last week Colorado Parks and Wildlife officially approved the long-pending COPMOBA grant application for $200,000.00 in new trail construction funds for the RAT system near Ridgway. Needless to say, we are all psyched and ready to rock for 2015. 

Once the funds become available (probably mid-summer), RAT will go into overdrive with new construction. We plan 16 weeks of continuous construction with 7 - 10 person crews, 40 hours a week. We will use both professional trail building crews and the  Southwest Conservation Corps Youth Trail Crews to build the system. These crews will add a total of 8 new trail miles to the BLM lands within our system. 

But wait. THERE'S MORE! On top of the CPW grant, Ridgway State Park has also received approximately $80,000.00 in grant money specifically for new trail construction. Parks crews will begin construction of those trails (on Park lands) on or about May 1, 2015. We expect the Park crews to complete these trails by early July of this summer. 

All told, we now have money to build an additional 13-14 miles of new trail. It's all coming this summer. We have completed almost Quick read more or view full article 8 miles of new construction in the past 2 years, so, when completed, RAT will total over 20 miles of sweet, new, interconnected single track on BLM and Park lands.

Thank you to all who commented in support of this grant! Stay tuned for more updates on the recent funding awards and related construction plans.

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