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March 14, 2016
Last Fall RAT and COPMOBA's Montrose Chapter submitted a joint request to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for a 2016 Large Trail Construction Grant to complete our own RAT system and add some additional trails to our Buzzard Gulch Trail System west of Montrose. On March 11th we received final approval from the State for $200,000.00, which includes approximately $135,000.00 for the RAT system and the rest for Buzzard Gulch. Locally, we will use this money to add more trail, including a bridge across Alkali Creek and some super new lines north all the way to County Road 8. We expect to receive the cash around mid to late July. Meanwhile, starting on May 1, we will use the funds remaining from our 2015 CPW grant to finish up the east 40 trail and some other trails to be determined. In all, we expect to add nearly 8 more miles to the system by the end of this year, weather and timing of the grant funds permitting.

If you'd like to help RAT/COPMOBA continue building great trails all over western colorado, please visit copmoba.org and click the join link, or come to our next meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, Quick read more or view full article March 17, at 7:00pm, location to be determined. We will post confirmation of date, time and location here, later this week.

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