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July 3, 2014
We've got crazy, manic, feverish construction in progress on the RAT system this week, with 3 full-time crews building trail 8-10 hours a day on both State Park and BLM land.  We have new single track all the way up the south side of the system and three rollicking, roller-coaster descents, plus a new loop on state parks and 90% of an alternate climb up the south face from County Road 10 east of U.S. 550. 
We've grown the system by over 5 miles so far this summer and hope to complete another 2 - 5 miles before summer's end.  On the ground this week we have Southwest Conservation Corps, Americorps and a crew from the Delta Correctional Center, all working under RAT's trail guru, Scott Vanderplaats.  COPMOBA/RAT and BLM will also sponsor a volunteer event on July 9th from 5:30pm until 8:00pm, staging at the trail head on County Road 10. 
These trails are getting rave reviews from all users, including hikers and equestrians, but bikers especially seem to appreciate the swooping, rolling descents and the twisting, contour climbs up through the old-growth piñon and juniper.  If you want some authentic testimonials from real-life bikers, check out Quick read more or view full article the RAT Facebook page (search Facebook for Ridgway Area Trails).
I've ridden the trails several times myself the past week and every time out I encounter someone I've never seen around Ridgway before.  I've met people from Montrose, Crested Butte, Michigan, Virginia, Chicago, Telluride and Texas.  They all rave about the cool new trails.  Last Saturday (June 28th) I rode the single track along Ridgway Reservoir, up through the campground at Dutch Charlie in Ridgway State Park, before crossing U.S. 550 to access our new trail system.  As usual this time of year, the campground was completely full of trucks and campers, but this time, unlike last year, at 12 - 15 of the campsites had multiple mountain bikes hanging on vehicle racks or leaning against picnic benches. 
The word is getting out.  Come on down to Ridgway and find out what it's all about!!!
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Posted by Rod Fitzhugh
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