Uncompahgre Chapter Report 10/17/16

October 26, 2016
Uncompahgre Chapter Report
October 17, 2016
CPW Trail Planning Grant: Uncompahgre Singletrack Plan
  • Grant has been submitted
  • 50 miles of trail decreased to 27 miles with CPW input; Spring Canyon and South Buzzard areas identified as critical deer habitat.
  • All 27 miles have no objections from the District Wildlife Manager.
  • Some progress made with CPW. Pretty confident grant will be scored this time.
                                    Shavano/Linscott Canyon (Rim Rocker): close 5 miles, add 9.5 miles
                                    Spring Canyon: close 3.2 mile road, add 6 mile singletrack
                                    Buzzard: 2.5 miles new trail
                                    South Buzzard: a 7 mile new singletrack                
Shavano Valley Trailhead (Rim Rocker Trail) Project
  • Site plan completed by Dowl. County will submit it to the BLM in the next month or so
  • 151 car parking spots, 19 pull through RV slots
  • 6 improved camping sites (dispersed allowed as well)
  • 2 sets of bathrooms and trailheads (motorized and nonmotorized)
  • Trailhead kiosks, picnic tables, grills
  • OHV training course and practice loop
  • 9.5 miles of new mtb trails (included in planning grant)
Lower Spring Creek Connectors (LSC to Spring Canyon Road)
  • North connector finished and open: 1.8 miles.
  • Carsonite signs in place. Gates/fencing not in place yet.
  • South connector to open the end of November.
UFO RMP Comments
  • Comment period extended to November 1st
  • Land with Wilderness Characteristics: Coyote Ridge and Cutoff trails
  • Will comment on the need for more nonmotorized trails, and would prefer to see Kinikin Hills ERMA be made a SRMA.
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