Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

January 17th Board Meeting Agenda

January 20, 2015
Celebrating 25 Years of Building Trail!
Board Meeting Agenda
January 17, 2015

9:00 AM, Buckhorn Geo, Montrose, CO
Lunch ~12:30

Call to Order  - Scott Winans
Approve minutes from 11-15-2014 meeting - Scott Winans

Chapter Reports (45 min each)
  • DAMBikers - Chris Davis
  • Grand Valley Canyons - Kris Cox
  • RAT - Rod Fitzhugh
  • Uncompahgre -  Laurie Brandt
  • West End - Paul Koski
Treasurer Report (1 hr) - Clark Rieves
  • total organization P&L
  • Chapter breakdowns
  • Friendly budgetary format for 2015
Coordinator Report (45 min) w/ further topic discussion below - Kristina Kittelson

Agenda Items
Membership Mgmt Committee Proposal; results and Coordinator recommendations
  • Little Green Light management software
  • Membership structure
    • review recommendations and finalize complete membership structure
    • finalize fees, membership period, benefits
    • membership follow-up process; consistency, outreach
    • assign responsible parties to execute materials & planning

Website Redesign Proposal

o 1% for Trails – finish & compile documentation, outreach materials
o fundraising outreach packet; comparison organization examples

2015 Tour de Bloom; review Quick read more or view full article & planning
o Dates 5/14 - 5/17
o pricing; same cost via Worldwide River Expeditions, charged $620 in 2014
o Goals & Execution for 2015: remaining documentation required, insurance, personnel, organizing/communication, advertising, poster, T-shirts, mailbox & pickups, donations, timing, etc.

Organizational Status
o Bylaws; Please review for familiarity, and propose any changes for consideration
o Nomination & Election of Officers: (2014 officers indicated)
  • Secretary (L. Brandt) -
  • Treasurer (C.Rieves) -
  • V. Pres. (C. Muhr) -
  • Pres (S. Winans) -
o Consider proposal RE board membership for Coordinator
o Consider Dr. Renata Raziano, nominated for board membership
o Board organizational interface; such as Yahoo Group, Wiggio, etc. Kristina review/proposed
o Chapter organizational help - how to do what we do; subcommittee structure, contacts, resources, etc. Read Less
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