Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2018

COPMOBA Quarterly Board Meeting

April 9th, 2018

Grand Junction, CO


Attendance: Chris Muhr, Paul Koski, Scott Winans, Sven Edstrom, John Howe, Renata Renazio, Stephen Barnes, Rod Fitzhugh, Jim Maggio, Dan Antonelli. Coordinator Tisha.

Guests: John Stewart, Thaddeus Smith (candidates for board membership)

Missing: Ed Hines, Clark Rieves,

Meeting called to order @ 6:08pm



  • January Retreat meeting minutes approved with no changes

  • Chapter Reports: {additions to submitted report}

    • DAMB –

      • County Recreation Trails Master Plan due by end of May. Pretty comprehensive, with most trails desired included. Sven will post Plan to our Board site.

      • Outdoor Heritage Days (June 2nd) – cool event for publicity.

      • Concerns around unofficial trail building at Jumbo Mtn (Paonia), with many new trails that are not part of “official inventory”. BLM-UFO not pleased and expressing displeasure and all trails are in jeopardy.

    • Grand Valley Quick read more or view full article

      • Grand Opening of 1st & 3rd Flats Trail – 60+ folks showed up!!!

      • Cultural survey for Sarledge (14 miles of new multi-use single-track to connect Sarlaac and The Edge) starts next week. Hopeful NEPA approval in Aug.

      • April 28th – GVC event (get more info! – John Howe to add)

      • GJ Off-Road – May 19th-21st

      • ColoRowdies – outreach to ride and do trail work on Lunch Loops – Apr 14th

      • Riverfront Trail single-track – final section is under construction.

      • Crane Lake work day at end of June

      • Mack Ridge completion hopeful for Oct/Nov.

    • Montrose –

      • Stoke Night in March was great. Raised over $4K!!

      • Cerro Summit Trail Celebration – June 2nd DMEA has offered to help create an event to raise awareness of outdoor recreation and mountain biking in the area.

      • Lengthy discussion about how to help CPW fund all access to open spaces, regarding the increase of non-motorized users and potential impacts on declining use of traditional CPW constituents. CPW obviously struggling with funding for projects and variable revenues in the future.

    • Ridgway –

      • Focus this year on some trail maintenance funding for Dallas Trail

      • Some leftover funds from original CPW grant for connector trails for BLM to State Park trails. State Park trails are not scheduled to be built as planned.

      • RAT Fest June 9th will focus on the race aspect this year.

    • WETA –

      • Woo Hoo, got to build trail all winter!!!

      • UFO meeting on April 17th to further address maintenance on existing trails

      • Requesting $50K from $250K grant to address signage

      • Uncompaghre Bash (June 9th) – coordinate some trail work efforts with events

  • Treasurer Report:

    • Clark distributed all chapter updates to each chapter. Each chapter should touch base with Clark separately on individual concerns.

  • Coordinator Report:

    • See Report

    • Tour de Bloom – Full as of today!! 8 new members.

      • Jerseys available for sale – look awesome!

    • Financials – reaching out to chapter chairs on numbers

    • Grant Database – done!!

    • Sales for Trails – on-going efforts to get activated with more folks who want to participate. We need more partners!

    • Membership Drive – should have final report in next 3 to 4 weeks

    • Branding / Merchandise – working with Chris M and Stephen on final selections.



  • BLM MOU – Scott to review and send to Board by May 8th.

  • Insurance update – currently under an extension to complete updates to policy.

    • Change in policy to include full scale “completed operations coverage” as COPMOBA has expanded across the Western Slope, the need to have full coverage for all chapters.

    • Scott and John to follow up this week with agent for conclusion by Thursday, for Board vote by EOW

  • Review By-Laws – John H and Rod to review and circulate to Board by May 8th.

  • Board Membership: (both will be added to Google Groups by Tisha)

    • WETA: John B. Stewart – Moved, seconded and approved

    • DAMB: Thaddeus Smith – Moved, seconded and approved

  • GMUG – scoping period is open for comments, closes on May 2nd

    • Outdoor Alliance is currently undergoing a study on economic impact, GIS overlays of outdoor activities to overlay how activities/outdoor rec drive dollars to local communities.

  • CPW grant follow-up – we did not procure funding for either planning or construction projects in this cycle. Scott has met with CPW directly to express our views on trails development and the current vacuum on the evaluation process and CPW is working to improve that. Lack of understanding of the Western Slope is a concern shared by CPW and there is hope to host a visit (hopefully this fall) to review our multi-chapter approach and all the issues facing the Western Slope.

  • Finances for each chapter - $1000 for each chapter to be dispersed for general use + $1400 for an “event kit”. Tisha spear-heading acquiring tent, table banners, etc for event kit.



  • Telluride Trails Conference report – concern that came out of conference is the issue of multiple agencies overlapping the lands of the Western Slope, all with varied and differing issues. Efforts underway to coordinate a meeting with multiple channels to consolidate efforts.

  • Meeting Dates for 2018 – all at ~5:30pm

    • July 9th - Delta

    • October 8th - Montrose

    • January 2019 – January 12th (Retreat) – TBD

Adjourned @ 8:54pm

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January 20, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2018
COPMOBA Annual Board Retreat
January 20, 2018
Ridgway, CO
Attendance: Chris Muhr, Paul Koski, Scott Winans, Ed Hines, Sven Edstrom, John Howe, Renata Renazio, Stephen Barnes. Coordinator Tisha. Guest Jim Maggio (candidate for board membership)
Missing: Dan Antonelli, Clark Rieves, Rod Fitzhugh
Meeting called to order @ 9:08am
  • October meeting minutes approved with no changes
  • Chapter Reports: {additions to submitted report}
    • DAMB –
      • MOU with Nature Connection on-going
      • Gunnison Public Lands Initiative – concerns with expanding wilderness boundaries and on-going discussion to where those boundaries will eventually be. Anticipated decision in 6-12 months. On-going conversations with all groups including folks from CB to Carbondale to Paonia.
      • Committee OK as submitted – moved, seconded and approved unanimously.
    • Grand Valley –
      • No additions to report as submitted
      • Committee approved as presented
    • Montrose –
      • Additions – working to expand Buzzard Gulch with additional 7.5 miles of proposed trail – some converting current double-track to single-track, some new Quick read more or view full article trail including Spring Creek connectors.  Much of proposed trails are part of original 2010 plan. Garry Baker coordinated efforts for MUT
      • Committee approved as proposed.
    • Ridgway –
      • No additions to submitted report
      • Current committee to continue as presented
    • WETA –
      • Additions to report – Add Nucla connectors to Paradox trail to the MOU
      • Current committee members approved as submitted
  • Treasurer Report:
    • All Chapters report financials are OK as presented.
    • All Chapter chairs to coordinate with Coordinator by Feb 28th to reconcile any discrepancies.
  • Coordinator Report:
    • See Report
    • Outreach is growing, with Facebook likes up and individual membership up
      • Biz membership is flat – need to put some effort into getting new biz members
    • Newsletter – NEED to get “Rides of the Month” from the chapters
    • CO Gives Day – donations up this year!
      • Reminder – for October meeting, we need to kick off efforts on kicking off 2018 efforts for CO Gives Day
    • Tour de Bloom – registration is open. Tisha will confirm site is working properly.
    • Financials – working with Clark to reconcile all records and streamline process going forward
    • Grant Database – will distribute to board to confirm accuracy. Each chapter needs to review. Please “reply all” on response, so we all have visibility and can add any further updates/comments on any grants that might cross chapter boundaries.
    • Sales for Trails – on-going efforts to get activated with more folks who want to participate. We need more partners!
    • Membership growth – 133 new members in 2017, 69 in last quarter. Bulk of those came from the Escalante Triangle outreach day.
    • Seasonal Kick-Off events – each chapter should do at least one big public event. The Escalante Triangle event was well attended and generated a lot of enthusiasm and was a great opportunity to spread the good word of what COPMOBA does for trails on the Western Slope. We should do more events
  • Treasurer – Coordinator Financial Recordkeeping Improvements
    • Tisha to meet with Clark on Feb 2nd to continue getting financials updated and streamlined. To meet with all chapter chairs by Feb 28th to confirm all numbers are accurate and move forward.
  • Coordinator Tasks –
    • See report
    • Also note that Tisha is working on the website update
      • Reviewing similar organizations websites for ideas.
      • Hope to have initial re-design up in beta format for board review by March 1st
      • Switch our payment processing from ProPay to PayPal
      • ACTION – Moved to convert our payment processing partner from ProPay to PayPal. Second and passed unanimously
      • We should add a “Trails Listing” for each chapter, with a brief description, length, difficulty and any seasonal closures.
        • Discussion ensued about adding a live link to each description, with an Avenza map of the ride.
        • Also, possibility of creating a regional map, with rides identified by location and live link to click on the ride.
        • Tisha will investigate this concepts as part of website update.
    • Membership – Tisha proposes a “Membership Drive” for April.
      • 5 weeks in duration, with each chapter being highlighted a different week.
      • Renew or join and enter to win cool stuff – hats, shirts, etc
      • Discussion of doing “Trail Kick-Off” events during the membership drive
        • REI has reached out to volunteer to join us for some events, either at trailheads or in-store opportunities. Would like to have COPMOBA be present in store for some events during the membership drive as well as partner on efforts to get folks out to the trails.
    • We should focus on question of re-brand (logo, etc) in order to get ready to order new merchandise for the season (see notes later)
    • Additional efforts to pursue other funding opportunities.
      • Considering recent less than positive responses from CPW, what other potential sources of funding can we approach to secure money for our on-going efforts.
    • Discussed that we should get Tisha business cards to assist with her outreach efforts. Decided that that should happen and Tisha will get them made up!
  • CPW Non-Motorized Trail Grant Applications
    • 2 grant opportunities pursued – 1 for construction and 1 for planning
    • Construction grant would be applied to efforts in Loma and for the two bridges in Montrose. All appears proceeding well.
    • Planning – 2 opportunities presented – Escalante Triangle and Fremont.
      • Late left turn from CPW alerting us that these two proposals appeared too disparate and we should focus on only one. After a quick review by our board, it was determined that the Escalante Triangle option was further along and had more broad based support, and Fremont was dropped from our proposal.
      • John Howe attended the CPW review in Denver and reports significant push back from CPW on locations of our projects and questions around how we could possibly get all these proposals completed. It appears there is a lack of understanding that we are actually 5 chapters, with lots of folks engaged, lots of boots on the ground and a long history of getting trail projects accomplished.
      • Scott W will reach out to CPW to discuss priorities, scoring and our individual applications and to highlight that we have letters of support from Fruita, Grand Junction, Mesa Cty, Palisade among others in support of our projects.
        • Side conversation about the need to generate an organized packet of info to help explain the financial and health benefits of our projects to all folks on the Western Slope. We have multiple testimonials from local businesses, particularly the hospitals, that one of the reasons they can even recruit employees is because of the amazing outdoor recreational opportunities available and especially access to trail networks.
      • This latest process has felt more contentious than prior years and that we are fighting a lack of understanding from the Front Range about the appeal of the Western Slope and also the need on our part for financial assistance to get these projects rolling.
  • COPMOBA – BLM MOU update
    • Thanks to all for commentary and Scott will review our comments and get edited version back to chapters by Feb 1st. Each chapter chair should also weigh in by Feb 1st with any updates/edits that pertain their chapter.
      • Include all 2018 projects, but nothing new. Only prior discussed projects, so no new surprises. BLM is overwhelmed with projects and we need to simplify our communications in order to better facilitate progress.
      • Final MOU to be submitted to BLM first week of February
  • Insurance –
    • Chapter chairs to provide USFS & BLM contacts to Scott W by Feb 1st, and Scott will reach out on volunteer agreements with those agencies and coordinate efforts to confirm understanding of coverages for volunteers
    • Pump Tracks – exact coverage to be determined by the overall coverage. Discussion ensued on potential cost increases as well as working with each community on exact needs for coverage
    • Risk Mgmnt – we need to review existing templates and confirm workable for current and future plans
Board Membership:
  • Trisha Oakland (RAT) resignation accepted
  • Annual Confirmation of existing board members
    • Review current board membership and meeting attendance
    • All current board members in attendance agree to continue.
      • Motion made that all current member continue, seconded and approved unanimously.
    • Recommendation to review state statutes on board membership
    • Board Structure – chapter chairs are automatic board member
      • Conversation about board structure ensued. Proposals – 2 per chapter + 4 at-large seats.
      • Decision = 14 Total - 2 seats per chapter (including Chapter Chair + 1 elected by chapter ) + 4 at-large seats {Moved, seconded and approved} By-Laws to be amended to reflect this change.
        • GVC – John Howe & TBD of current board representatives
        • DAMB – Sven & Vacant
        • MUT – Renata & Vacant
        • RAT – Ed & Rod
        • WETA – Paul & Vacant
        • At-Large – Stephen & 3 remaining GVC current board members
        • All chapter seats would be 1 year term, At-large seats would be 1 year
      • New Members – recommended from MUT – Jim Maggio (moved, seconded and approved)
        • Only remaining vacant seat would be DAMB, and Sven reports at three interested parties.
        • GVC to determine who would fill the chapter seat, and 3 remaining board members would complete the At-Large seat allotment.
  • Review By-Laws – John H to circulate a quick review on changes. Scott, Rod, John and Tisha will review and present to Board by Feb 28
  • Org Funding Options –
    • Tisha presented options in Coordinator Report
      • Create options for individual donations beyond normal membership
      • Find additional opportunities (maps, trailhead signs, etc.) to highlight donation opportunities. Significant undertaking to update all current maps with new info
        • All Metals Welding to donate signs
      • Propose hosting an annual fundraising event/dinner – 3 across our region in 2018
      • Seek corporate donors to help support efforts
        • Discussion about how to present with several ideas submitted.
      • Giving Clubs (GJ and Montrose) – qtrly meetings to review donation options
      • Collection of information on economic impact of outdoor recreation access, including testimonials from municipalities, local businesses, etc about health benefits to employees and the attraction of living in places with access to activities.
      • Planned Giving
  • Tour de Bloom –
    • Ramping up for 2018 – May 17th to 20th event dates. Registration is open.
      • Jim to follow up with Rod and Bryce on planning.
    • Poster revamp happening
  • GMUG FS plan revision –
    • RAT submitted comments regarding plans for forest actions around Ridgway.
    • MUT submitted comments highlighting the lack of crowds and opportunity to spread users out over a greater area. Combined comments with equestrian groups requesting more loop trail options for non-motorized trails.
    • Scott urges all chapters to continue to review all updates and comment as necessary.
  • GOCO – support of re-authorization.
    • COPMOBA will submit letter to be listed as supporter of keeping GOCO functional and funded, extending it beyond July 1, 2024
  • Telluride Trails Conference –
    • Opportunity to advocate for further trail development in West End. Telluride Foundation seeking to expand scope into wider regional effort around trails and engage Trail Mix group from Moab to present learnings from Moab experience.
    • Conference Date – Feb 20th, Placerville School House
  • MOU – The Nature Connection –
    • Received a GOCO grant to assist with getting kids outdoors, particularly out on trails. The Nature Connection has proposed a MOU with COPMOBA to assist with trail development for 7 miles of new trail. New trail to be built on local school North Fork Recreation District and BLM land. Liability insurance needs coverage for work on the non-school related properties, should be sorted out by mid-February. COPMOBA can only participate in work only on BLM land, through our volunteer agreement.
    • Discussion about details of MOU. As pertains to COPMOBA, they request an organization representative at work days, with tools training and skilled leadership on trail building, however only on BLM land. Sven to follow up on next steps.
  • Organizational Branding –
    • Discussion about logo and name.
      • COPMOBA word itself needs to be included on all messaging
      • We need to do a better job collectively of speaking to COPMOBA
      • Motion – allocate $1400 per chapter for a tent, table topper, cash box, etc to create a consistent look for all chapters at events
        • Second and approved.
      • Tisha will present COPMOBA logo update options by Feb 20th.
        • Including merchandise update ideas.
        • Each Chapter to present updated chapter logo options by Feb 20th.
  • Election of Officers –
    • Current officers:
      • President – Scott Winans
      • Vice-President – Chris Muhr
      • Secretary – Rod Fitzhugh
      • Treasurer – Clark Rieves
  • Elected for 2018
    • President – Scott Winans
    • Vice-Pres – Chris Muhr
    • Secretary – Stephen Barnes
    • Treasurer – Clark Rieves
  • Moved and seconded, approved unanimously
  • Board Member Bios – need to be updated (Tisha to remind us when we forget to complete!)
  • Open Floor –
    • Escalante Triangle – meeting in November with COPMOBA, SSST and BLM to review outline of project and standards that need to be followed for the concept plan. BLM requested additional material before final approval that may delay start of project. SSST revised language to meet new standard requested and COPMOBA will re-submit within next week.
    • E-Bikes – with the incredible access available in West End, we should recommend that E-Bike riders head to the West End and have a great time!
    • Palisade Plunge – application for grants on the horizon with El Palmar and Gates Family Foundation. Moved to allow to pursue grant opportunities with above foundations for funding on behalf of Plunge project. Seconded and passed.
  • Meeting Dates for 2018 – all at 5:30pm
    • April 9th -  Grand Junction
    • July 9th - Delta
    • October 8th - Montrose
    • January 2019 – January 12th (Retreat) – TBD
Adjourned @ 3:52pm
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