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DAMB Chapter 2016 Annual Report

December 19, 2016

Lots of great things happening for the Delta Area Mountain Bikers! Click on the image below to read the full report.


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DAMB Chapter Comments on BLM Uncompahgre Field Office Draft RMP

October 30, 2016
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DAMB Chapter Report 10/17/16

October 26, 2016
DAMB/COPMOBA Quarterly Report
October 17, 2016
The Delta Chapter has continued its preliminary work toward new mountain bike trails on both the Gunnison Gorge NCA and the Dominguez-Escalante NCA.   In addition, the chapter continues its efforts to bring the North Fork area into its orbit, by working on existing MTB areas and advocating for additional trails in the North Fork. Work also continues on the County Line trails on Grand Mesa.
-Smith Mtn:  This continues to be the main focus of the chapter, with members near completion of mapping out potential trails, to be submitted to BLM by the end of the year as a proposal.  Unfortunately, the BLM has again hit a roadblock to its previously announced hiring of a planner for this NCA.  This has been put on hold, and a new round of interviews for the planning position is now being held.  We are told the new planner will be on board by December.
Escalante Triangle:  The GJ office of BLM has been encouraging in its efforts to help DAMB create new trails in what they are referring to as the Escalante Triangle, which is what had been previously proposed as an SRMA, but Quick read more or view full article has now been designated as an ERMA.   This is the area east of Delta, north of the Escalante Rim Road, and west of Escalante Canyon.  Our BLM Rep, Colin Ewing, has informed us now is a good time to start seeking funds for the preliminary assessments for trails in this area, and has been encouraging in this respect.  Both the City of Delta and the County of Delta have voiced support for the development of new trails in this area, but have not committed financial support at this time.
North Fork Trail Advocacy Group (NFTAG) and other:  There has been success creating a core group of concerned citizens in Paonia area to start NFTAG, a sub-chapter of DAMB.  COPMOBA membership grew by 18 members after Sven and Tim had multiple out-reach meetings in Paonia, spreading the good word of trail advocacy.  There was a general discussion that if members from this group still show strength in a general time frame of 6-9 months, there could be a proposal from them to the COPMOBA board to create their own chapter if deemed necessary in the coming year.
Comments are being collected now from the BLM UFO pertaining to its Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Delta County and beyond.  This includes Jumbo Mountain, and several other areas that have been used by MTB bikers in the North Fork.  Comments are being composed to support SRMA designation of the Jumbo Mtn Area, as well as the legitimization of the Jumbo Mtn trails.  Since the region encompassed by the RMP also includes North Delta, comments are being developed to encourage future development in this area as well.  There are also trail proposals in the works for new areas in the North Fork.
County Line:  The main loop on County Line is now complete. Although a connector to the Mesa Top trail head is still in the works, and some additional rerouting is also planned.  However, work for the year has been completed.
Other Developments: A small group of DAMB/NFTAG members have been working closely with the Nature Connection (NC) of the North Fork to develop a pump track and singletrack trails at Crossroads Park south of Hotchkiss.  This is in its preliminary stages, but NC has made contact with the BLM and they appear to be on board with long term development in this area.  More to come on this topic.
Also, this same group is working with the Crested Butte MBA and Gunnison Trails to clarify existing and potential future mountain biking routes located near or around the West Elk and Raggeds Wilderness.  This group has also been working with the local Forest Service and CPW Representatives to see what is possible for re-routes of existing Trail 820 (Raggeds) and other trails bordering the Raggeds Mtns and Paonia Reservoir.
Lastly, there is work being done to potentially create snow bike routes on Grand Mesa, in association with the Grand Mesa Nordic Council.  Again, this is in its preliminary stages, but hopefully there will be progress made in the near future.
DAMB continues to engage its members by encouraging group activities and group rides, including the Kokopelli Trail Ride, the Chile and Beer Festival in Crested Butte, and the Beers and Gears Festival coming up in Paonia this coming weekend, which will include group rides on Jumbo Mountain, to introduce folks who are not acquainted with Jumbo and the surrounding area.
In addition, many members continue trail maintenance activities in the county, and in other areas.
The DAMB-COPMOBA committee elected Marty Kauzlarich to be a new chapter committee member.  Marty is a long-time DAMB member, and is a very active road rider.  He is an active advocate for biking activities as an economic development tool, and will be a welcome new committee member.   In addition, the chapter is continuing to evaluate potential committee additions from the North Fork area, to help solidify its efforts in that part of the County.
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DAMBikers End-of-Year Report

January 18, 2016
The DAMB Chapter held its quarterly business meeting on November 2, 2015. The primary business was election of COPMOBA committee members and organization officers. 

Jason Love was elected to be the new president of DAMB, taking over the position previously held by Jere Page. Jason's first official act was to appoint Fred McNorton as his assistant. Elections were also held for COPMOBA committee members. The new committee consists of Michael Vaughn, who was retained as the committee chairman, Alan "Ace" Brown, Tim Gallegos, and new committee members Sven Edstrom and Jason Love. The Committee also proposed Michael Vaughn to serve as the representative to the COBMOBA Board of Directors.

Over the summer and fall, DAMB has continued its advocacy for new singletrack trails in Delta County, although progress has been slow. Tim Gallegos and Stephen Barnes (RAT chapter) attended a BLM function highlighting the recreational opportunities in the Gunnison Gorge NCA, including the Smith Mountain trails system. All three Delta County County Commissioners plus many other stakeholders were present and learned of plans for future development. However, progress remains slow. The BLM has yet to establish a timeline for completing trails they Quick read more or view full article paid to have designed and mapped over five years ago. This area is the most promising Delta County has to offer: it is easily accessible from all directions, can be ridden nearly year-round, has an overlook into the Gunnison Gorge, and has an established campground with pit toilet on a gold-medal fishing section of the Gunnison River. The topography is similar to 18 Road in Fruita but with more elevation change from top to bottom.

In the Domingues/Escalante NCA, John Hodge recently led a group ride on the Lower Sawmill Mesa's Escalante Rim to acquaint participants of the potential for trails in the area being considered by BLM. Bill Harris from the Uncompahgre Chapter, who also sits on the DENCA advisory council, provided information on future singletrack trail development in the area. Again, progress is not expected for several years. In the meantime, existing jeep trails and the only singletrack section, Stone Basin trail, are being utilized for bike recreation.

On the Grand Mesa, committee member, Ace Brown, led DAMB's efforts in developing what is now known as the County Line trail. This easy/intermediate trail is the first part of a potential system which lies primarily in Mesa County. Additional work is required before this part of the trail is completed; however, weather has halted building activity until spring. Some DAMB members have taken exploratory rides on an existing trail known as the Drop Off Trail, which goes from the Flowing Park area down into Delta. While this route is extremely rugged, DAMB has interest in re-development of this trail for use by mountain bikes.

DAMB members continue to be active, individually, in volunteering for trail building activities in the COPMOBA area, with several members attending the summer's IMBA training in Montrose. Several DAMB members also volunteered for trail building activities in the RAT area and on the Grand Mesa's Mesa Top trail. However, the group’s largest effort was for the very successful Uncompahgre Bash. Again, Ace Brown led the organization of this trail maintenance activity, with help from many others and with participants from the West End, Grand Valley Canyons, and Uncompahgre Chapters.

DAMB continues to be very active in promoting mountain biking by organizing group activities. Over the summer and fall, DAMB members have hosted group rides from locations as diverse as Crested Butte, Goblin Valley, Monarch Crest, and the White Rim trail.
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DAMB - COPMOBA Update & Introduction!

July 7, 2014
Delta Area Mountain Bikers (DAMB):  Update

As many of you know, the Delta bike group (DAMB) was introduced as COPMOBA’s most recent chapter at the anniversary bash on June 14, 2014. The initial DAMB/COPMOBA committee members are listed as Michael Vaughn, Chairman of the committee, Chris Davis, appointed to represent DAMB on the COPMOBA Board of Directors, Jere Page, president of the DAMB group, Tim Gallegos, and Alan “Ace” Brown.  The committee reflects riders from all over Delta county, including Paonia and Cedaredge.

DAMB has existed as an organized bike group for over four years, with members from Delta and Montrose counties, and their focus has been primarily in organizing group rides, trail maintenance and building activities, and otherwise promoting mountain biking in the Delta area.  However, many of its members have been riding together and working together for many years.  Up to this point, members have been quite active in participating in COPMOBA-organized trail building and maintenance activities all over the Western Slope.
However, with the recently designated National Conservation Areas (NCA’s) on both the east side and the west side of Delta, bordering the Black Canyon Gorge and the Dominguez Escalante Wilderness, new opportunities for the Quick read more or view full article creation of single track non-motorized trails closer to home have presented themselves.

Having actively participated in the creation of the renowned Sidewinder Trail, DAMB is presently in the initial stages of promoting new trails on the Smith Mountain area, near Sidewinder, and also working on the concept of new trails in the Negro Gulch/Escalante Rim area, in the Dominguez-Escalante NCA.

For the present, DAMB members have voted to maintain their current social structure of loosely organizing group rides and trail building and maintenance activities, which are promoted on the DAMB Facebook page, while the committee members focus on the work with BLM, and city and county governments, in the promotion of new trails.

COPMOBA members who care to be informed or participate in DAMB activities are invited to join the DAMB Facebook page which can be located by searching for DAMBikers. Read Less
Posted by Tim Gallegos
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